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Ah... Ive since learnt that the "faint" line Ive been looking at is the control line, and the dark line is the test line. Perfect

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Q: After being almost a week late Ive taken 2 positive pregnancy tests. The first test had a faint second line and the second test had an even fainter second line Is this normal?
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Positive pregnancy test then implantation bleeding?

This is normal

Is it normal if your pregnancy test was positive but you lighly spotted?

Yes, this is normal. A lot of women have a full period for their entire pregnancy.

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

If you have a positive pregnancy test is it possible to still have the hcg hormone in your system from your last pregnancy if your baby is 5 months old?

In most cases, a positive pregnancy test 5 months after a birth represents a new pregnancy. There is a rare condition called gestational trophoblastic disease that rarely occurs after a normal pregnancy that can cause a persistent positive test. This condition is very rare. If you have a positive pregnancy test, you should go see your doctor to confirm the status of pregnancy. A positive pregnancy test 5 months after birth is not normal and represents a new pregnancy or a problem of some kind.

If you have taken two home pregnancy test both positive you have had no bleeding though is this normal?

It is if you are pregnant.

Your hcg levels is 77000 what does that mean and you are having a normal pregnancy after a miscarriage?

after 10 days miscarriage pregnancy test is positive. what's my problem?

Why still positive on home pregnancy test even almost two weeks after miscarriage?

Your hcg levels take a little while to go back to normal which is why you are still seeing a positive. I wouldn't recommend testing for a while. Sometimes it can take a couple of months to go back to normal. Don't do that to yourself.

Is it normal to spot bleed one day and then bleed continuously for 6 days when you took a pregnancy test that was positive?

consult a doctor this is not normal.

When had miscarriage and linen of womb swollen can it make you have a positive pregnancy test?

Yes, if the miscarriage was recent then your hormone levels are still not back to normal and it could cause a false positive result on a pregnancy test.

If you took 4 pregnancy tests the same day and the 2 first onces were positive the last 2 were nagative is that normal?

HPT are 99.9% accurate with positive answers. So they are almost never wrong. Seeing how you got 2 positive answers, the "pregnancy hormone" is present in your system. HPT are only about 50% accurate with negative answers. If you are still uneasy about the readings from the HPT, you can go to your local health department and request a pregnancy test there.

One positive one negative result no period and pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

As I was once told, "a positive is a positive"The body produced a hormone called HCG only when pregnant.HCG is the hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone is what a pregnancy test detects. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. During a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels will steadily rise throughout pregnancy.

Just took 2 pregnancy test both positive but I'm having cramps and spotting help?

If both pregnancy tests are positive, you are pregnant. Those cramps and spotting is PERFECTLY normal. Nothing wrong there.

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