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When the man has had a proper vasectomy it is impossible for him to father a child.

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Q: After having Vasectomy can a woman get pregnant?
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If a men had a vasectomy done can a women get pregnant?

If the vasectomy was successful then no the woman cannot become pregnant.

What is the possibility of a man getting a woman pregnant after a vasectomy?

Yes, if the vasectomy didn't take it is possible to get a woman pregnant. I have had a vasectomy and if my wife became pregnant, I would get myself tested to make sure it still held.

Can you have sperm taken out of your testicles to get a women pregnant after you have had a vasectomy?

yes you can have a sperm taken out of your testicleto get a woman pregnant after you have had a vasectomy,but it doesn't ussually work.

If a man had a vasectomy can he still get a woman pregnant?

Only if it didn't work. The whole purpose of a vasectomy is to not be able to impregnate someone.

Is it possible to be pregnant 13 years after avasectomy?

No. If you have a vasectomy, you are a man. It might be possible, but very unlikely, that you could get a woman pregnant.

Pregnancy after tubal ligation and vasectomy combined'?

It's possible, but very unlikely to get pregnant if a woman has had a bilateral tubal ligation and her male partner has received a vasectomy.

What can go wrong if a woman gets pregnant when a man has a vasectomy?

The chief thing that goes wrong is that the man is a little upset, as a vasectomy means he can't be the father.

Why is a vasectomy very effective in preventing a female to get pregnant?

A vasectomy prevents a male making a female pregnant. It does not prevent a female getting pregnant since she could get pregnant with a male who has not had a vasectomy or by artificial insemination.

What procedure do you need to go through to get pregnant if your partner had a vasectomy?

Untied the vasectomy first before you can get pregnant.

We had aTubal and vasectomy done am i pregnant?

No you can not be.

Can a man who had a vasectomy have natural children?

You should not be able to get pregnant by a man who has had a vasectomy.

Who is responsible if a woman get pregnant with an IUD?

Pregnancy is a known risk whenever a woman has sex. There is no birth control method, including vasectomy and tubal ligation, that is 100% effective. If a woman gets pregnant with an IUD, she and her partner are responsible.

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