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After hitting a huge pothole why would all of a Saturn LS 2000 s gauges all come on and the vehicle not come out of park?


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2015-07-15 21:20:26
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You may need to have the "Body Control Module" replaced on your car. We have a 2002 Saturn L200 and the same symptoms occured. Dash lights were flashing, dome light flashing, couldn't shift out of park, etc. Dealer replaced the part under warranty (at the time) and we haven't had the problem since.


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Saturns do not use a speedometer cable to control the gauges on the cluster. It uses the magnetic pickup located in the vehicle speed sensor, mounted in the back side of the transmission. The computer then sends signals to the dashboard to operate the gauges electronically

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It means one of the gauges is out of normal range. Check the gauges while it is running and you will probably find the vehicle is not charging, overheating or has low oil pressure.

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There is no speedometer cable. The gauges are electric driven based of a signal from the PCM. the PCM gets speed information from the Vehicle Speed Sensor located on the top of the differential

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The check gauges light comes on when one of the gauges is out of normal range. The vehicle is either overheating, not charging or low on oil pressure.

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