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You may need to have the "Body Control Module" replaced on your car. We have a 2002 Saturn L200 and the same symptoms occured. Dash lights were flashing, dome light flashing, couldn't shift out of park, etc. Dealer replaced the part under warranty (at the time) and we haven't had the problem since.

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Q: After hitting a huge pothole why would all of a Saturn LS 2000 s gauges all come on and the vehicle not come out of park?
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Where is the speedometer cable on the 1997 Saturn SC 2?

Saturns do not use a speedometer cable to control the gauges on the cluster. It uses the magnetic pickup located in the vehicle speed sensor, mounted in the back side of the transmission. The computer then sends signals to the dashboard to operate the gauges electronically

How do you replace a speedometer cable on a Saturn 1995 SL1?

There is no speedometer cable. The gauges are electric driven based of a signal from the PCM. the PCM gets speed information from the Vehicle Speed Sensor located on the top of the differential

What does the check gauges light mean?

It means one of the gauges is out of normal range. Check the gauges while it is running and you will probably find the vehicle is not charging, overheating or has low oil pressure.

After you start your vehicle always check your?

Gauges, seat belt, mirrors,

Why does the check gauges light and the fan come on but the codes won't flash?

The check gauges light comes on when one of the gauges is out of normal range. The vehicle is either overheating, not charging or low on oil pressure.

What are the three most important gauges on a vehicle?

Speedometer, Fuel Gauge, and Tachometer.

Why would all the gauges on the dash quit working?

Lose of power or ground since all the gauges quit working.

What would cause the electrical gauges on a Chevrolet Malibu to become unresponsive when the vehicle is running?

The coldness

Gauges are spinning what does that mean?

This could mean any number of things depending on what sort of vehicle you are in.

How do you fix gauges on a 1995 Saturn?

It depends on what's wrong with them. Please tell us more about the problem you're experiencing.

Gauges stop working while vehicle is operating and all reset to zero 2001 Nissan Frontier?

vehicle speed sensor may be your problem

Dash gauges not working?

What is the vehicle? late 90's dodge? 97 Dakota, Check fuses

What is a instrumet panel bezel?

A bezel is the decorative/functional piece that surrounds and holds the instruments and gauges in a vehicle.

Why would the oil and temperature gauges still register after a Chevrolet G20 van sits for several days?

cause when you shut off the van the power to the gauges is cut off completely, so the gauges will stay wherever they were at until the next time you start the vehicle.

How do you remove the dash the part with the gauges in a 1998 Saturn SL2?

Cluster removal link below:

What fuse will cause the gauges to not move?

Check your owners manual. It tells you what each of your fuses goes to depending on the vehicle.

What segment of the totalizing fluid meters and counting devices industry produced the largest percentage of the industries shipment values?

derived from the motor vehicle instrument sector, which produced speedometers, tachometers, odometers, fuel level gauges, water temperature gauges, ammeters, oil pressure gauges,

Where is the fuse box in a 1994 Saturn SC2 and which fuse controls the gauges or what else might make the gauges stop working?

If all of the gauges stopped working there is probably a blown fuse in the right side of the console in the car or out under the hood in that fuse box. If all of the fuses are good then there is likely a bad gauge cluster or a wiring problem.

What should you always check after you start your vehicle?

You should always check your gauges, seat belt, and mirrors after you start your car.

What could cause gauges to lose power and start working again several times in a trip in a 99 Saturn SL1?

something to do with diagnostic codes. you need to have the codes read. I'm having battery problems with my Saturn and it seems to happen then.

2005 Saturn Ion dash gauges just stop working what could be the problem?

Certain Ions have an orange wire in the trunk that can rest on the floor by the battery. There is a connector that corrodes due to moisture in the trunk, causing gauges to become inop Check that connector for corrosion

Have a 1999 Chrysler town country at times when you go to start the van it wont start the gauges wont go up some times hitting the top of the dashboard the gauges will come up and the van will start?

The instrument cluster can cause that problem. It shorts out the communication system between the computers.

What does check gauges and beeping mean on jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

When there are beeping noises and the check gauges light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo it means there is a problem. The vehicle will need to be stopped and all of the fluids need to be checked immediately.

How do you reset the gauges in a 2000 Chevy Silverado to factory specs?

I am not quite sure what you mean by gauges, but most likely you will need a gm dealer to down load the correct program into your vehicle. Tell me more, i am a gm tech so i can try to help

How do you change the odometer light in a Saturn SL2?

The gauges have to be accessed. The dash nowdays is very fragile and a static electric spark can ruin a bunch of things. I suggest taking it to a garge.