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Between 7 and 10 years

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How can you have your name removed from your daughter's student loan if she frequently misses payments?

You can't.

I am planning to go in for online banking. Will I be able to give standing orders for payments through it?

Yes, many banks offer online banking facility as a part of their personal banking. In this you can give standing orders for payments along with many other payment facilities.

If you co-sign on an apartment and the leaser doesn't make payments can they take your home that you own for payment?

no the co-signer will have to make payments or they will be removed from residence.

Can late payments be removed from your credit report?

Yes, late payments can be removed from your credit report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting, any consumer can dispute anything on their credit report they believe to be erroneous or inaccurate. If you fall under this category, send a dispute letter to the credit bureau asking for verification on the account, they have 30 to days to verify it or it must be removed.

Is there any way to remove 4-year old late payments from your credit report?

AnswerLate payments can only be removed by the creditor who placed them on there or the credit bureau reporting them. You can contact the creditor and based on goodwill or negotiated a payment, they will sometimes remove the late payments. You can ask for verification from the credit bureaus on them and if they aren't verified with in 30 days, they must be removed from your credit report.

What does PITI stand for in insurance?

PITI is normally used in conjunction with mortgage payments, standing for Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.

What is a cash economy?

In a cash economy most payments are made in cash rather than by cheque or standing order, giro or plastic.

When a borrower pays the delinquent amount on a loan and resumes making regular payments the loan is considered?

current, in good standing, etc.

How can plantar warts be removed?

Plantar warts can be removed in a couple of ways. You can obtain an anti-viral cream from your drug store, or for long standing warts, they can be removed by freezing them off, then allowing the wart to just drop off.

Can I be removed from a life estate premises?

If you own the life estate it can only be extinguished with your written consent. If you are not the owner then the fee owners may have you removed. It depends on the details of your legal standing to be there.

What does gutted mean?

The insides are torn out, leaving the outer shell standing.Having the guts (bowels, intestines) removed.

Can late payments come off your credit report?

Yes late payments can come off your credit report. They can be removed by either the original creditor that put it on there or by the credit bureaus. You can dispute late payments on your credit report with the credit bureaus using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FCRA requires the credit bureaus to contact the creditors to verify the late payment. If the late payment isn't verified it must be removed.

Is the hadrians wall still standing?

Most of it. In the Middle Ages, sections of Hadrian's wall were removed to build churches, but there is enough of it still standing to make it a popular attraction for visitors to England today.

Will a credit card company remove late payments from your account if you call them?

They can, but they don't have to. They usually will if you have had a good payment history with them in the past. If you have been late a lot, you can try to negotiate to pay off the debt to remove the late payments.You can also try and dispute the late payments to the credit bureaus. If they don't verify it with in 30 to 45 days, the late payments must be removed.

If they reposses one of your cars can they take the other?

you can only reposses a car that has out standing payments. unless you are involved in crime and have profited through illegal activities then both cars can be repossesed.however if you have only defaulted payments on one car then your other car is safe.

How do you spell repacation?

The word sought may be one of these:replication - duplicating or copying somethingreparation(s) - compensatory paymentsreputation - someones status or standing

What is a high credit score rating?

A high credit score rating means someone is in good standing credit wise. They are prompt in payments and always pay payments in full. A good credit score is sought after by many people, because its a mark of a responsible person.

How long may a vehicle be stopped parked or left standing on a freeway even if disabled before it can be removed by the police?

As little as 4 hours.

Can you have a late payment removed from your credit because you're a merchant marine?

You can't have it removed for being a merchant marine, but it doesn't hurt to contact the creditor and tell them your situation. They will sometimes remove late payments based on previous payment history and/or goodwill. You can also dispute it with the credit bureaus and try to have it removed that way.

Can information about charge offs late payments and non-payments that occurred before you were 18 be removed from your credit report?

In my state, Texas, you must be 18 years of age to enter into a legal binding contract with any company. State laws may vary.

If a few payments were made to a collection agency for a repossession after the fact will the repo come off of the credit report 7 years after the repo or 7 years after the few payments were made?

The report will be removed 7 years after the date of the last on time payment to the original creditor.

In CA how long may a vehicle be stopped parked or left standing on a freeway even if disabled before it can be removed by the police?

In California, 4 hours.

If you are a cosigner for someone and they default on the payments and the cosigner pays the debt off can you have the past due amount removed from your credit report?

No, you signed, you are equally responsible for the payments, you are also equally responsible for what happens with regard to default. This is why the lender permitted you to sign as a co-securer of the original loan.

Can you go to jail being behind on car payments?

You can if you don't return it. If you return it, you can walk away--they will send collection notices but by law they have to be removed from your credit after a few years.

Do your disability payments stop when you get your social security payments?

Disability payments are Social Security Payments. When a person reaches full retirement age (66), the payments continue as normal, but are no longer considered disability payments. A person does not receive two payments.

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