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I'm not sure if I understand the question completely, but you should restart your computer when you install anything. It makes the installation take effect and your game should prompt you to do so.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-17 18:17:17
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Q: After installing the game your computer is restarting itself?
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I updated Minecraft to version 1.2.5 and ever since when I open the game it flashes so much the game is unplayable. HELP?

The game flashes?! I'm sorry but I've never had that happen to me. Try restarting your computer, or reinstalling the game and installing it again.

What are some tips for getting Quickhit NFL to load faster?

It may not be your game but your computer. Try to delete any of the old movies or games on your computer and that should speed things up a bit. However, if the game itself is slow, try restarting your computer or editing the game startup files. IF you dont know what your doing, i highly suggest you not modify game files.

What time do you installing a grahic card on your computer?

When it's time to game!

Can you install PlayStation 3 game versions on computer then move them to your PS3?

You might be able to download them to the Computer, but that it not the same as installing them. Only PC versions of a game can be installed on a computer.

Is installing a computer game any time you want to play bad for your computer if you uninstall it when you're done?

Not if it is properly uninstalled

Will your computer always be slow when you have played game on it?

No. Installing and playing games on a computer only slows it down while you are playing them.

If you buy a game on real arcade and then buy a new computer how do you get the paid game back?

U can try emailing it to yourself, or putting it on a flashdrive and installing it on the new computer.

Why does your computer freeze while playing a game?

Probably not enough memory - try installing more memory.

Why can't Zoo Empire go on your computer?

Make sure you have all the requirements for the game before installing.

How do you play ps2 games on computer after installing power translator12 pro?

put the CD in and install the game.

Can you download a game on your PSP by installing it from your computer onto your PSP?

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.

What can be the requirement of computer system for IGI game?

i just want to know that for installing the iGI game,how much hard disk,ram ,processer is required/

Where do you get Pokemon indigo coupons?

by restarting your game

What does com mean in a video game?

Com = Computer. Typically meant as the computer or game itself is playing that character and you, as the player, will play the other character.

What do you need for spore?

A computer and the game itself make shure your computer isn't a slow one cause that might make your game crash ALOT

How do you download a PC game?

There are many methods, but, the main one is to use a game launcher and click download.

In subway surfers do we get the money for installing a game?

You can get unlimited amounts of money in subway surfers for installing a game.

What does it mean on roblox when it wont conetct to the game?

This means just what it says: your computer cannot connect to the roblox game. Sometimes, it's just a bad server. Other times, it's just nothing, and restarting the game will work.

Why would a Pokemon Emerald game keep restarting?

The Game might get stuffed up and it will restart by itself. Just take it out and blow then put it back in and then it get fixed by itself. Or it might be something loose inside it. Also (from Prince Kayne) because you did a duplication cheat or gameshark/action replay

Does installing a game on a PC slow down the computer?

Installing programs takes up hard disk space and enters information into the Windows registry. In addition, many games come with additional programs (such as Steam, Ageia Physx, etc) that install their own files and registry keys. So in the end, installing a large number of games WILL slow down your computer. However, a single game rarely makes a noticeable difference.

How do you reset the pokewalker without restarting the game?

you click on the button on it

How do you sue computer games?

You cannot sue the computer games itself. You have to go after the company who made the games. Although, I don't see why you would sue a game. It's a game...

Why does my Sim City 4 keep crashing and restarting my computer I bought it a few days ago and just put it in It downloaded perfectly and now it just freezes the sound repeats itself and turns off?

i just got the game and it keeps logging me out for no reason and every time it does something important happens :(

Are there any cheats for zapak?

You can cheat in chess by installing a good chess game in PC. Then make the move opponent makes in the chess game installed in the PC. Then see what move computer makes and do it in the online game.

Where you can find cheats of

You can cheat in chess by installing a good chess game in PC. Then make the move oppnent makes in the chess game installed in the PC. Then see what move computer makes and do it in the online game.