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his grant of amnesty to former Confederate soldiers

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Q: After passage of the Reconstruction Acts who took charge of the governments of the former Confederate states?
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Who did radical republicans believe should be in charge of the reconstruction policy?

Legislative branch

What significance did the victory by Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 presidential race have for reconstruction?

By the election of 1876, it was a common belief among Northerners that Reconstruction had failed. The economic depression (beginning in 1873) and vast mistrust of the scandal-ridden Grant administration convinced Northerners that Reconstruction was over and it was time to move on. Only South Carolina and Louisiana still had troops occupying statehouses but there was widespread distaste of this after 11 years of occupation. The disputed election of 1876 went beyond just the presidential election - rival Democrat and Republican governments set themselves up against each other in SC and LA. It soon became clear that even though the Republican governments were "official," tax monies collected at the local level were forwarded to the rival Democratic governments - Republicans were, in effect, being starved out. Even if Hayes continued to recognize the Republican governments, this would've implied the use of military force and continued occupation, which the country was dead-set against. He got public concessions from the Democratic governments that they would respect the rights of blacks but this was simply political cover to accept the inevitable. It is hard to imagine any other president continuing Reconstruction policies, Hayes just happened to be the guy in charge at the time. Thus, there is little significance in the Hayes victory for Reconstruction - Samuel Tilden would've followed similar policies.

Is this true or false Federal governments will take charge of the street construction in small towns?

true or fales federal goverment will take charge of the streets constrvetion in small towns

Why was Johnson able to control Reconstruction directly?

President Johnson controlled the army, so he could give orders to the generals in charge of the Southern districts.

What actions did southerners take in response to the rights given to former slaves by the federal government after reconstruction?

In this time the KKK was formed to keep former slaves from leaving and to terrorize them. Southern planters began to charge rent and limited movement.

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Lincoln's and Johnson's reconstruction plan differ?

Recognized four state governments and prepared to readmit offres. Issued a complete pardon to all rebels except former Confederate officholders and the richest planters. Southern leaders liked it because Confederate leadres took charge of Reconstruction.

What might president Johnson plan for reconstruction have been considered unfair?

Andrew Johnson's plan for reconstruction required an oath of loyalty, states to repeal secession, states to abolish slavery, and refuse to pay Confederate government debts. His plan might be unfair because it allowed Confederate leaders to take charge of Reconstruction.

Who is the Minister in Charge of Reconstruction for Japan?

Takumi Nemoto is the Minister in Charge of Reconstruction for Japan.

What government office was in charge of reconstruction after the civil war?

Congress was in charge of Reconstruction after the Civil War. Andrew Johnson also played a big role in Reconstruction as well.

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Did puting grant in charge make the unoin or the confederate mad?


When did congress take charge of reconstruction?


Who is the confederate general famed for charge at Gettysburg?


Who ran an illfited charge at gettysburg?

George Pickett led the ill-fated charge known as Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg. The charge took place on July 3, 1863, and was a Confederate infantry assault against Union forces. Pickett's Charge ultimately failed and resulted in heavy losses for the Confederate Army.

What confederate general was in charge at battle of chickamauga?

Braxton Bragg

Who is in charge of the execution?

sponge bob is in charge of the budget! None of the answers are correct. (for civics and governments only)

Who was the general in charge of the confederate army in Virginia?

Thomas Stonewall Jackson