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If you are asking about refinancing of a home, then it may have an impact on your ability to get the loan. Some lenders will pull an updated credit report before closing papers are sent to the closing agent. But most lenders only pull credit at the time of application or when the file is received in underwriting. So basically it depends on the policies of the bank that you are doing financing with. Also if you shop your rate for the car loan it may look like several inquiries on your credit report and you will have to write a letter of explaination. Typically credit scores are not effected to much my having lenders pull your credit report, maybe 1-5 points each time a report is pulled.

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Does renting an apartment affect your credit?

Not adversely if you pay on time

Will a voluntary repossession from your spouse affect your credit?

Yes, but perhaps not as adversely as an involuntary repossession.

Does credit acceptance refinance auto loans?

Does credit acceptance do refinance

Where can one refinance their bad car credit?

One can refinance their bad car credit at different companies. Some of the companies that offer refinance of a bad car credit are Prescott Financial, Harbor Credit and Fleet Financial.

Can a construction lien appear on your credit?

Liens placed upon your real property do become a part of your credit history however a single incident does not adversely affect your credit rating. Multiple liens or a pattern of liens will affect creditors decisions to extend credit to you.

Is it better to short sale a house or refinance to get credit in good standing?

It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.

What is the credit score has to be to refinance?


What is reverse mortgage refinance?

It is where you have a Mortgage and you have improved your credit you can refinance to lower you monthly bill.

How soon could you refinance after you purchase a car?

As long as your current loan shows on your credit and can be accessed by the refinance company, you can refinance anytime. There is no set time to refinance.

How can one build their own credit cards?

In order to build credit, one must apply for a credit card and maintain their account in good standing. Any missed or late payments will most likely adversely affect their credit rating.

Does ford motor credit refinance?

Not in my experience with them.

If a defaulted student loan is consolidated with repayment at 0 does this affect credit rating for non-payment?

No, if you receive an income sensitive repayment plan after consolidating and the payment is $0 because of your dependents and income, then it will not adversely affect your credit score.

Which refinance companies accept problem credit?

If you have really bad credit after an incident or perhaps a divorce, but need to refinance your home you can check out

How does a 30-day late payment on a mortgage affect your credit?

If you are trying to refinance your mortgage... it will affect the interest rate. (it will be higher) It will haunt you for at least 12 - 24 months.

Does a refinance loan affect your credit rating?

A refiannce loan will not affect your credit rating. Debt consolidation loans will and you will want to stay away from these. When refiancing, be sure that your prior loan was satisfied in full by your new lender to avoid any problems.

How can one get a auto loan refinance with a bad credit?

One can get an auto loan refinance with bad credit from several providers of this type of loan from such companies as, Road Loans, Get Me Car Finance and Midland Credit.

How can I refinance a mortgage with a bad credit?

One can refinance a mortgage with a bad credit by thinking in advance. You can do this by working at improving your situation, and then when it is time to refinance you can show that you have made an honest effort to improve it. You can find more ways to do this at a website called RefinanceMortgageSite.

Where can one get refinancing to help rebuild credit?

The best advice on acquiring a refinance would be received from your mortgage broker. However, if you are not in a good credit state it will be much tougher to get a refinance.

Got a home loan and gifted a percentage to sister. I now want to refinance or put on the marketShe refuses to sign anythingI can't sell or refinance. If I foreclose Will this affect her credit?

Who is on the title to the property? and who is the loan name under?

Before discharge of a chapter 7 active bankruptcy can you apply for credit or will it affect you bankruptcy?

No legitimate commercial lender will grant you credit while you are in a Chapter 7. Any applications will be turned down and will adversely affect your credit score. The only possible credit situation would be a mortgage restructuring, if you are reaffirming the mortgage, and even then they prefer to wait until you are discharged.

Where is FHA Streamline refinance located?

FHA Streamline refinance is a business that operates online. You can apply for a refinance or simply for a line of credit based on the equity in your current home.

What are some names of mortgage refinance companies?

Mortgage refinance companies include Freddie Mac, Pacific Credit Union, Federal Credit Union, Affinity Credit Union, Amegy Bank and Hartwick State Bank.

Can you refinance a home with poor credit?

The short answer is yes you can. Ofcourse it all depends on how bad your credit is.

Where can one go to get a bad credit refinance auto loan?

A person can try Road Loans the website to get a loan to refinance their car while they have bad credit. One can also try BankRate, Harbor Credit, eLoan, or use Auto Credit Finders.

Is it easy to refinance an auto loan?

Getting a refinance auto loan can be hard or easy for some people, because it depends on your credit status. If your credit score has improved since your last car purchase, you have great chance of getting approved for a refinance auto loan.

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