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Immigration Laws vary.Studying in a particular Country could add points if you wish to Immigrate. Using that point system you can immigrate , become a Permanent Resident of that country and then eventually a Citizen.

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Q: After the study in abroad can you get citizenship in that country?
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Which is better study at sea or to study abroad in one country?

To study abroad.

What is a certification of birth abroad?

It is a certificate that acts as certificate of citizenship for children whose parents live abroad. You have to go the embassy of your country of citizenship, register your child's birth who was born abroad and get that certificate in order for him/her to gain your citizenship officially.

What is the definition of study abroad?

To study abroad is to go to let's say college in another country and study there for a period of time.

What are different locations where a person can study abroad?

You can study abroad almost any country. The key is to find the university which offers this program for students. They also have student exchange services which can work as studying abroad.

Best spanish speaking country to study abroad in?


Why did rizal study in abroad?

Jose Rizal studied abroad because the educational system abroad was far more better than that of his own country, the Philippines. Abroad, he will have more chances of learning and adapting better education so that when he comes back in his own country, the knowledge he gained can be used to help his country men.

Is there a minimum visit requirement to retain US dual citizenship when living abroad?

No, you can live abroad indefinitely and still maintain your American citizenship.

What is a study abroad scholorship ?

A study abroad scholarship will help pay for school overseas. If you wish to study in another country a scholarship like this will help you fund your schooling. See more info here:

What is the study of citizenship?

The study of citizenship is civics.

Where can I find a sample of the citizenship tests?

I have researched citizenship tests and found a variety of sites. I am not sure which citizenship you are wanting to study for, so if it is for Canadian citizenship you can check out If you are studying for US citizenship test you can check out If it is for another country, I advise just researching the specific country you are wanting to become a citizen of.

Would you like to study abroad?

i will like to study abroad

Does a US UK dual citizen residing in the US have to have a visa to study in UK?

Someone with dual citizenship should be able to enter and reside in each country in which citizenship is held without obtaining a visa. That is part of what citizenship is about - the right to enter and travel freely in your country of citizenship.

What is the citizenship status of Americans who live abroad?

child born abroad of american citizen

If you marry in another country can you come to America without getting citizenship?

No. Marrying a US Citizen abroad does not guarantee you legal entry to the US

Is it better to study abroad if one did not qualify for the NEET Exam?

Its better to study abroad than to study at home. The biggest reason you should consider a study abroad program is the opportunity to See the world and explore yourself . By studying abroad, you will experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities.You can do your mbbs in ukraine ,france

What do you prepare if you plan to study abroad?

First, settle your mind that you will study abroad. Choose your subject. Then you select the particular country. Study and Explore about it. Check for the Universities or collages. Its easy online. Check for the requirements. Decide!!! and Apply. Wish good luck to all.

What is the eligibility requires for study in abroad for MBA?

Eligibility requirements for studying an MBA vary from country to country and in institution, you need to specify what country and what institution

What is the difference between single and dual citizenship?

Hi, if you are born in a country you get a citizenship of that country ( that is single citizenship). If you migrate to another country and get a citizenship from that country but you do not want to give up the citizenship of your home country then it is a dual citizenship.

A us Citizen Marries an Australian who gets citizenship can his child from Australia obtain citizenship?

Yes, the child will be eligible for dual nationality. A registration of birth abroad must be obtained from the embassy or consulate general of the country in which the child is not born in.

Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties?

The benefits of study abroad do in fact justify the difficulties. Study abroad gives a person the ability to experience the kind of life they are studying.

How is a government represented abroad?

Governments are represented abroad by ambassadors. They are official representatives of the governments and live in other countries so they can resolver issues with that country's leader on behalf of their own government. Tag: Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Scout 6a requirement

Questionnaire for asking students going abroad for studies or job?

students who have gone abroad or want to study in their country because of the diffrerence responsibilities they have singled children headed families

What is the difference between a citizenship and passport in a country?

A passport is an official document that confirms to others, particularly officials in other countries, that you are the person named and a citizen of the country which issued the passport. In most cases you require a passport when travelling abroad. Citizenship is being a legally defined member of a particular country, with all the rights and duties of membership of that country.

Where can you inform yourself about studying abroad programs?

every university usually have their own program for study abroad and there are some partnership community who also provide the study abroad programs. but if you need some insight from people who have done study abroad, i love ivyties so far, you can check their stories on IvyTies website. you can connect with the authors and feel free to contact them

Do you have to study abroad to be a marine biologist?

If you're in a landlocked country, yes. Some universities may encourage this, but it is not essential.