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The car isn't damaged, the debtor's credit rating is. There is no permanent record of the car as a repossessed vehicle like there is for a salvaged title.

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Q: After you buy a repossessed car does it stay marked as repossessed as long as it is driven even though it is paid off?
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Can you buy another car even though is repossessed?

If you have had a car repossessed, you have not kept up with the payments. You probably still owe money on the repossessed car. In these circumstances, the fact is that you can not afford to purchase another car and would not be able to obtain the finance to do so.

If you already have 1 car repossessed does having a 2nd repossessed hurt your credit even more?


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If someone has a motorcycle in their name but someone has the property and is behind on payments can the motorcycle be voluntary repossessed by the main name even though someone else has the property?

Yes it can.

Can you still owe money after your mobile home is repossessed?

Yes. The home was repossessed because you failed to make payments you contracted to make. Even though you no longer possess the home, the contract is still in force and must be satisfied unless the lender forgives it,

Can your car be repossessed out of your driveway?

Yes, even if there is a locked gate they can reposes your vehicle.

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Can you take possession of the car if the borrower stops making payments even though they have been paying for a year?

Only if your name is on the title, and only if the primary borrower defaults and the vehicle is subject to being repossessed by the lender.

Can a car be repossessed when another car is parked behind it?

Yes, a car can be repossessed even if another car is in front of it. The person in charge of repossession the vehicle can call the police to help them get the car.

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Can your driver's license be suspended for not paying the balance of a loan after the vehicle was repossessed?

No. Absolutely not. Your driver's license cannot be suspended for not paying a loan or the balance of a loan, repossessed or not even if you get threats from the loan company.

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Can a creditor list your car as repossessed on your credit even if they have not repossessed it yet?

Looks like 2 choices here..they made a mistake and listed the wrong account OR they have more faith that they CAN and will repo it than you do...LOL

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Can a buy here pay here car be repossessed?

Even though it is a buy here pay here dealer it is in the contract you signed. You dont pay they will take your car and you WILL have to pay the late payments on top of the repo cost before you get your car returned.

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Auto repossession laws in Nevada?

In the state of Nevada, if you do not make payments on a car you are buying, it can be repossessed with no notice given to you. Once repossessed, you will still be liable for all further payments even if the car is sold at auction to another buyer.

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Where in Western New York can you buy a repossessed car?

First off buying a repossessed car is a horrible idea. You are buying a car that someone could not even make payments on. Do you think they took care of this vehicle? Do you think it was serviced regularly, the oil/filter were changed, and anything else necessary was done. More than likely the car was neglected and just driven. Unless the car as very low mileage, these cars are usually run to death. You can wear a car out in short order if you neglect it and drive it as though you know you are going to loose it. Saying that, if you insist on buying one, contact the lenders in your area and ask about their repo cars and when/where they will be sold.

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If you can't make your truck payment anymore can you have it repossessed?

Sell it if you can. Even if you have to sell it at a loss. Let the bank know what's going on and even though they'll complain and want to make arrangments for you to pick up any of the loan that isn't satisfied, at least it will be better for your credit in the long run than if you let them repo it.