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Stevens model 237 is a prewar modelThe model 237 bolt action single shot 20 gauge shotgun was made from 1934 to 1939 the gun was based on their Model 37 single shot bolt action 410 shotgun it was replaced by the model 237A . The 237A was a post war model wich has differant cocking piece and a safety lever one the right side rear of the receiver it also has a differant trigger guard inleted diecast type. The model 237 is a prewar model wich has the old type safety wich is incorperated in the cocking piece and has a simple stamped metal trigger guard held in place with screws. I own a 237it is also marked Ranger wich means it was sold by Sears. At any rate the model 237 is about 70 years old it is vintage and mine has proven to be a very good game gun . in good condition its worth only about 100 bucks .
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Q: Age and value of a J Stevens Arms model 237?
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What is the age and value of a 20 gauge J Stevens Model 237 bolt action?

Late 1930's, value up to $100.

What is the age and value of a Stevens 20 gauge shotgun Ranger Model 237 single shot bolt action?

Couldn't find that particular model listed but most Stevens pumps go for between $100 and $200 Made from 1936-1943, with a value of $100 or less.

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The ranger 101.3 was made by Stevens arms for sears, around WW2. Mine was inherited from my grandfather, who bought it as a young man. Good luck finding parts, however, I found some info online that this is similar to the Stevens model 237.

Why cant you find a picture or any other info on a J Stevens 20 GA single barrel model 237A shotgun?

The information you seek is somtimes hard to find because these shotguns are listed as savage/stevens which infers that these guns were made by one company savage,which owned the stevens name along with it,s own.The model in question which is a stevens model 237 was made by savage/stevens in the years 1936-1943,with a total production of 16,000 guns made.

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