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60 this August.

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When did Ronald Gene Simmons die?

Ronald Gene Simmons died on June 25, 1990 at the age of 49.

How old was Ronald Gene Simmons at death?

Ronald Gene Simmons died on June 25, 1990 at the age of 49.

Does gene simmons smoke?

No Gene Simmons is not a smoker

How rich is gene simmons?

Gene Simmons is worth $300 million.

Who is gene simmons married to?

Gene Simmons is married to Shannon Tweed.

Did gene simmons start the band kiss?

yes gene simmons did start the kiss band but gene simmons isn't his real name

Does Gene Simmons have a degree?

Gene Simmons has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Education.

Who sings the Gene Simmons Family Jewels theme song?

Gene Simmons

When was Gene Simmons born?

Gene Simmons was born on August 25, 1949.

What instrument does gene simmons play?

Gene Simmons plays bass guitar and sings.

Where did Gene Simmons come from?

== == Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz in Haifa Isreal.

What is Gene Simmons' birthday?

Gene Simmons was born on August 25, 1949.

Who plays the theme song to Gene Simmons Family Jewels?

Gene Simmons and his band

Where does Gene Simmons live?

Gene Simmons lives in Beverly Hills, California.

What is gene simmons' mailing address?

Where can i send a letter to gene simmons and does he get them and read them

Are paul Stanley gene simmons good friends?

No Gene Simmons doesn't have any friends

When was Ronald Gene Simmons born?

Ronald Gene Simmons was born on July 15, 1940.

Does gene simmons have three kids?

,gene simmons is my dad,he knows that.he has to come clean.

How tall is Gene Simmons?

Gene Simmons (6 ft 1.5 in)

Who is nick simmons?

He is the son of Gene Simmons from KISS

When did gene simmons lose his virginity?

He said that he had lost it to his housewife at the age of thirteen.Rock Star indeed!

How old is Gene Simmons?

Gene Simmons is 68 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1949).

What is Gene Simmons' real name?

Chaim Witz was his original name, but he has changed it to Gene Simmons.

Who is Anthony roman on gene simmons family jewels?

Anthony Roman is a business partner of Gene Simmons.

Did Cher and Gene Simmons have any children together?

No, Cher and Gene Simmons did not have any children together.