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what agency relationship exists within a corporation

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Q: Agency relationship exist in corporations
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What is the main reason that an agency relationship exisist in corporations?

when an employee work in the best interest of the organisation

What type of agency relationship exist within a corporation?

what agency relationship exists in a corporation?

Why does the listed company will exist agency problems?

The primary reason for the divergence of objectives between managers and shareholders has been attributed to separation of ownership (shareholders) and control (management) in corporations. As a consequence, agency problems, or principal-agent conflicts exist in the firm.

Why do corporations exist?

The reason that corporations exist is to serve people. They are there to provide jobs, services, products, and benefits.

Who started the first health insurance agency in the us that specialized in hispanic owned corporations?

Who started the first health insurance agency in the us that specialized in hispanic owned corporations?

What agency replaced the bureau of corporations?

Federal Trade Commission

Domestic Corporation in Philippines?

There are hundreds of domestic corporations in the Philippines. A list of all domestic corporations can be obtained from the Philippine taxing agency.

What government department in California deals with the different corporations there?

The Department of Corporations was California's main agency dealing with the registration and monitoring of corporations. In July 2013 the Department of Corporations and the Department of Financial Institutions merged to form the Department of Business Oversight.

Why were corporations better for large businesses than partnerships?

Corporations could continue to exist after managers died. Corporations could quickly raise money by selling shares of stock. Corporations can grow much faster.

Which form of business structure faces the greatest agency problems?

Corporations, dude.

Did corporations develop rapidly in the 1830s when legal obstacles to their formation were removed?

"Corporations" did NOT exist in the 1830s, and in fact, there were very few "companies".

What are two government corporations and what they do?

Government corporations are created by Congress in order to be able to regulate things that are not considered to be normal legislation. Two government corporations are AMTRAK which is the passenger train system and the CIA which is an intelligence gathering agency.