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Airplanes fly at what speed?

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They eat cham chowder. Why?

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Are airplanes jets?

Yes some airplanes are jets and no some airplanes are not jets. Airplanes that can fly faster than the speed of sound(break the sound barrier) are called jets.

Do airplanes fly backwards?

Airplanes can have a zero or negative ground speed, but the only thing that is important to maintain flight is airspeed.

How fast do 1900s airplanes fly?

Cruising speed: 528km\h for 1900D

What is the factor described by Bernoulli's principle that allows airplanes to fly?

speed of fluide flo

Why do cats not fly airplanes?

Because cats do not have the capability to fly airplanes.

How fast first airplanes fly?

mach 3 that means three times the speed of sound

Why does a person fly in airplanes?

Because people are not able to fly without a airplanes.

Can you fly airplanes on Grand Theft Auto IV?

You are unable to fly airplanes, however you can fly helicopters.

Why do airplanes fly over before a race?

Just for show, and to build up speed and engine heat.

How fast can an airplane fly today?

Passenger airplanes fly at a speed ranging from 600 to 980 kph. Military aircrafts fly faster. The fastest military aircraft was the SR-71. It flew at a speed of Mach 3.5.

Can airplanes or satellites fly in the thermosphere?

airplanes can not but satellites can

Why do airplanes fly on the stratosphere?

Type your answer here... airplanes fly in the stratosphere to avoid weather problems

In what layer of the atmosphere do airplanes fly?

Airplanes fly in the Stratosphere.

How many people will fly on airplanes in the US for the Thanksgiving holiday?

alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!!

Do airplanes fly over hurricanes?

Some airplanes fly through hurricanes to get wind speeds etc.

How many airplanes fly in the air each day?

2,000 airplanes fly in the air each day.

What does airplanes have to do with flying?

They fly.

What makes paper airplanes fly?

Lift makes paper airplanes fly, just as it does real planes.magic

What is the differences between trains and airplanes?

Airplanes fly, trains don't.

How are birds and airplanes alike?

They both fly of course, but they both require a certain velocity or speed to be in the air. It requires more speed for an airplane more than a bird.

Why can't Airplanes fly when it is too windy?

Most of the planes can fly during windy times. But their speed decreases. Only small aircrafts like Cessna are affected by these wings. So they cannot fly.

What is magnesium used for in airplanes?

Magnesium can be used for engineering the airplanes also by helping the airplanes engine fly.

What is airplane flying level?

Airplanes fly at different levels according to their size and noise. Smaller planes fly at the troposphere. Bigger airplanes fly on the stratosphere.

Can airplanes fly in the stratoshpere?

Most passenger airplanes fly in the stratosphere. Planes like Cessna fly near the troposphere. It depends on the size and sound of the planes.

Why do airplane fly?

Airplanes fly because they cant swim.