Airsoft in long island

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I do not know any specific locations, but there should be airsoft fields if you look around.

And also note some paintball fields allow airsoft to be played. Check their website/building or contact the staff.

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Check the Yellow Pages under Sporting Goods.

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There are many places where you can play Airsoft in Suffolk County, Long Island. Two popular places are Strikeforce Sports and Island Paintball and Paint Arena.

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Q: Airsoft in long island
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Can you use airsoft guns in long island?

Yes there are two airsoft fields on long island

Are there any airsoft retailers in Connecticut?

Airsoft Vendors in CT: Ground Zero Airsoft/Wolcott Hobby Shop- Wolcott,CT Cromwell CQB- Cromwell, CT Tactical Airsoft- PLainville,CT CT Airsoft Academy- Windsor,CT Hot Spot Airsoft- Long Island,NY

How long do airsoft batteries last?

4 to 6 hours in a airsoft war

How long is the airsoft well mb03?

The Well MB03 Spring Airsoft Rifle measures approximately 38" long.

Can you airsoft in StLouis?

For what I know airsoft is not "illegal" anywhere. Because airsoft guns are considered toys by the government, as long as you have the orange tip on your gun and your being careful of who you aim at then yes, you can play airsoft in StLouis.

Is it possible to import an airsoft gun from to holland?

As long as your country doesnt have any restrictions on airsoft guns.

How long do you charge airsoft batteries?

normally 8 hours

What is the required age to purchase an airsoft gun in ny?

I'm sure as long as you have your parents permission you should be able to purchase an airsoft gun or rifle. All airsoft rifles and guns require an orange tip on the barrel by law. So as long as you do not remove that you are okay.

Are airsoft guns legal in West Virginia?

Yes, i'm 14 and i own 4 airsoft guns.. As long as its on your property and not like in a city

How long does it tack a airsoft battery?

It tack a wholesome big piece of the pie, if you know what I mean? A airsoft battery tacks itself all the time.

How long is an m14 airsoft gun foot wise?

@ 3.5 or so

Airsoft gun are they legal for minors in Washington state?

Minors are allowed to have airsoft guns as long as they are playing on privately owned propery with the owner's consent. BUT most airsoft stores will not sell to anyone under the age of 18