How long do you charge airsoft batteries?

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normally 8 hours

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2011-01-02 00:58:26
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Q: How long do you charge airsoft batteries?
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Can you change batteries in airsoft guns?

Most, if not all airsoft guns have accessible and changeable batteries. On most occasions you will have to take out the battery to charge it.

How long do airsoft batteries last?

4 to 6 hours in a airsoft war

How long can you charge a crosman R71 airsoft gun?

Most batteries (using a standard wall charger) will charge in 3-4 hours. This includes high and low quality batteries. But considering it's crosman, if it uses AA batteries, why the heck are you trying to recharge them? Hope that helps, Mako Nazarbayev

How long do airsoft gun batteries need to charge for?

3-5 hours. Make sure you don't overcharge it or it will break. Check it every once in a while; make sure it doesn't get hot.

How long do you charge an m15a4 airsoft battery?

It depends on what kind of battery it is.

Can you charge batteries in a refrigerator?

if they are rechargeble batteries then yes you can but they wont stay charged for that long

How long do batteries take to charge?

Depends on the battery.

How long do you charge a 1.2v airsoft battery?

See related links below.

How long do you charge AA batteries on a Duracell NiMh charger AA batteries?

2 hours

How long do recharable batteries take to charge?

What kind of rechargable batteries? you haven't asked a question

Do you use batteries for the PokeWalker or can you charge it?

The batteries are over the counter watch batteries and they last twice as long as the battery put into the walker

How long does it take for an airsoft jing gong m16a1 battery to charge up?

charge 4-6 hours, no more.

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