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Aunt Alexandra believes that Scout does not act how a young lady should act like at her gae. Scout likes to play and get dirty, she hates dresses, and she doesnt care what others think about her even though she is a tomboy. Aunt Alexandra hates that!

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Alexandra may think Scout is dull because of her tomboyish behavior and unconventional ways. However, this does not necessarily mean she is right in her assessment. People have different perspectives and personalities, and what one person finds dull, another may find engaging. It's important to remember that opinions can vary.

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Aunt Alexandra thinks Scout is "dull" (not clever) because she doesn't have enough knowledge of 'society' that she believes someone of Scouts age should. Scout acts like a tomboy and dresses like a tomboy, she doesn't always speak correctly and she gets into fights at school.

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Because Scout doesn't act or dress like a young lady. She dresses in overalls and things of that nature instead of blouses and dresses so Aunt Alexandra describes her as dull.

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Q: Alexandra thinks scout is dull why does she think this and is she right?
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What does scout think she stepped on?

Scout thinks she stepped on a wire in the dark.

What did Jem say he woulld do if Scout bothered Aunt Alexandra?

Jem said he would spank Scout if she bothered Aunt Alexandra.

What does scout learn from aunt Alexandria?

Scout learns from Aunt Alexandra the importance of family heritage, social status, and conforming to societal norms. Aunt Alexandra emphasizes the significance of maintaining the family's reputation and upholding traditional Southern values. Despite their differing perspectives, Scout gains a deeper understanding of the complexities of her family's history and the expectations placed upon her.

What does scout think of current teaching techniques in education?

Not much! Scout hates her first day of school because she thinks the teacher is an snobbish and uninformed outsider.

Why does aunt Alexandra object to scout inviting Walter?

Aunt Alexandra objects to Scout inviting Walter Cunningham to their house because she sees the Cunninghams as lower-class and does not think they are suitable companions for the Finch family. She puts a lot of emphasis on social status and tries to instill these values in Scout.

What does Mrs. Dubose think Scout should wear?

Mrs. Dubose thinks Scout should wear dresses instead of overalls because she believes it is more ladylike and proper for a young girl to wear dresses.

What problem does aunt Alexandria have with the way scout is growing up in to kill a mockingbird?

Aunt Alexandra is concerned about Scout's tomboyish behavior and lack of conformity to traditional gender roles. She believes that Scout should act more like a proper young lady to fit in with their society's expectations.

What someone thinks or believes?

When someone thinks that means they have there own opinion. When someone believes something that means they think it is right.

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i know boo radley leaves them, and im pretty sure she thinks that too. sorry if im wrong

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What does scout think aunt Alexander wants her to help her choose?

I don't know the answer yet, but it's "Aunt Alexandra," not "Aunt Alexander." Besides, I would know; that is my name.Mustache! :{)AHA

Which relative does scout fight during the family visit to finch's landing at Christmas?

Scout fights her cousin, Francis, during the family visit to Finch's Landing at Christmas. Francis makes demeaning remarks about Scout's father, Atticus, which leads to the altercation.