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...with Windows XP Professional already installed on your computer.

Windows Vista cannot be installed without Windows XP Professional installed first on your

computer, it's the same with Windows 7; Windows' latest operating system (OS).


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It does require some installation, but it's a very simple process.

Yes, the Saitek X52 Flight Control Joystick will work with Windows 98 and Windows 95 (Windows 95 will require installation of USB device drivers).

A retail installation disc for Windows XP will typically require a product key to be answered. Discs supplied with a computer usually have one provided in an answer file and thus the user does not need to be prompted to enter one.

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It depends on which source of windows you are going to use. If you want to start from windows environment just insert an installation CD and it starts automatically. If it didn't just browse the file setup.exe on the CD and double click on it. If you install from DOS locate the file winnt.exe Whem you are installing windows from dos and your CD is not bootable you will need MS-DOS disk to start installation, and you will need smartdrv.exe without this file installation will take hours.If you have a bootable windows installation CD just insert it in the CD/DVD drive restart your PC and boot up from the CD. Then just follow instructions. When you are installing windows it might ask you to enter a serial number, thus in order to install OS you have to have a valid serial number. Some Windows require also activation.

iTunes 4.1 should; all others will probably require Service Pack 1 or later. Service packs for Windows are free; there's no real reason not to install one.

1. Ensure that the hard disk is installed properly in the laptop. The drive cannot be formatted before it is installed, or if it's not installed correctly. 2. Gather the required software. The type of media will depend on the hardware in your laptop. Older computers without a CD-ROM drive, will require the use of the operating system floppy disks. Laptops that can run Windows XP require the installation CD and product key. Older versions of Windows also have disk-formatting capability in the installation process, and the installation media is either a CD or floppy disk. 3. Place the installation disk or manufacturer software in the drive and then boot the computer. Early in the installation process, the Windows installer has a step that will detect any installed hard disks and allow for them to be formatted. The software from the disk manufacturer will also detect the hard disk and give you the option to format the drive. 4. Determine which file system is to be used. Windows XP will either work on a NTFS file system or an older VFAT file system. Choose the desired file system when prompted. 5. Decide whether the whole disk should be formatted or if the disk will be partitioned and each partition to be formatted separately. The Windows installer includes a menu-driven utility that will create hard disk partitions before formatting. If the hard disk is being formatted to replace an existing Windows installation, delete the existing partitions and re-create them. 6. Format the hard disk with the Windows installer when prompted. The Windows installer will let you know when it is time to format the disk and ask for confirmation.

Nearly all Microsoft programs require a licence key as part of the installation process, including the Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Office product keys are encrypted inside the windows registry after you enter the licence key , you can have the full version of the office 2010 , or you are not able to open these programs.

The Mercedes GPS navigation does require an installation cd. From what I read its a waste of money because they usually don't work. It looks like its cheaper to buy your own GPS.

It requires 2 gig. bytes of space for the installation. correction reference, Jean Andrews p.515 Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, 1.5 GB free space on the hard drive partition minimum REQUIREMENT , 2 GB is recommended

Not directly no, the "upgrade" CD requires a different key than what is on your laptop (an OEM key), not to mention it will require a previous version of Windows to process the upgrade.

The MacBook Air has an application called 'Boot Camp." Windows installation requires a valid Windows Installation DVD, either Vista or XP. Start the Mac in OSX. Start Boot Camp. Follow the instructions, which will tell you to insert the Windows DVD. This will work on all the Macs with Intel CPUs. The result is a Mac which you can boot up EITHER in OS X OR Windows. Other applications, such as Virtual PC, Parallels, or Fusion allow you to run the two operating systems at the same time. Some will require an Intel CPU, while Virtual PC will run on the Power PC chip.

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DirectX 9.0c is not available for Windows 7; to actually install DirectX 9.0c, you would have to downgrade to Windows XP (any edition). In order to play games which require DirectX 9.0c without downgrading your installation of Windows, you must upgrade to DirectX 10.1 or later. DirectX 10.0 (initially included in Windows 7) did not include support for DirectX 9.0c, a decision that Microsoft ultimately repealed when DirectX 10.1 was released.

1.5 GB to install. 2.0Gb for acceptable operation. Improving on the answer above: 1.5 GB to install and 2.0 GB for acceptable operation. (Change is in the 2.0 GB there's a difference between a Gb and a GB)

glycolysis itself does not require oxygen.

Usually - it's simply a case of connecting the printer to a vacant USB port. Windows 7 should detect the new hardware - and install any device drivers it needs. Occasionally, it may require the use of the installation disk that came with the printer - if it's one that's not in its database.

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