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Type in (Pokemon pearl cheats) online. Go to Neoseeker.com they will give you all the cheats you need! Thanks for your time!

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Where is a good wedsite for Pokemon Pearl cheats?

well, just go to Google and type in "pokemon pearl cheats"

Ar Pokemon cheats?

Here are some Pokemon cheats for pearl: Rebattle

Where do you find cheats for Pokemon Pearl?

You can go on gamespot.co.UK and search for Pokemon pearl

Where can you find cheats for Pokemon Pearl?

codejunkies.comAnswercodejunkies.com The best place to look for those cheats are at youtube.com and type in "action replay cheats for Pokemon pearl"

What are the Pokemon pearl cheats?

there are only action replay cheats.

What Pokemon cheats are there for Pokemon pearl on Nintendo ds?

you can find cheats for it at gamespot.com or supercheats.com.

Will Pokemon have a 13th season?

Yes, there already is a Pokemon season 13. It's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh League Victors.

All Pokemon at level 100 for Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, there is a cheat for all Pokemon to be lvl. 100 in Pokemon pearl. To find more cheats, go to youtube.com and type in the search box, cheats for Pokemon pearl.

Is there a short cut to the Pokemon league building in Pokemon Pearl?

No, there is no short cut to the Pokemon league building in Pokemon pearl.

Can you show me Pokemon pearl cheats?

No, because cheats don't exist

How do you get arcius without cheats Pokemon pearl?

You have to get the Azure flute through a Mystery Gift. The Event already passed though ):

Do you need R4 to use cheats on Pokemon Pearl?

you need an r4 an ace card etc to get cheats or hack in to your chip to get cheats on one of these chips go to Google and type Pokemon pearl cheats for r4.

What is the action replay codes for Pokemon pearl?

go to super cheats cheats to get wild Pokemon modifier are their

How do you get arcues from Pokemon pearl?

You cheat from cheats at supercheats.com.

Action replay cheats for Nintendo ds Pokemon Pearl?

go to codejunkies.com, then type in Pokemon pearl. They have a lot.

Where do you type the cheats on Pokemon pearl?

cheats only work w/ ACTION REPLAY

Cheats for Pokemon Pearl how to get Pokemon league?

Beat the 8th gym leader and have a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall to get to Victory road. go though victory road battle your rival and there you go.

How do you get celebi on Pokemon pearl without ar cheats?

The only way to get Celebi on Pokemon Pearl without AR cheats is via event distributions. However these events are no longer being held or supported for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

How do you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon Pearl?


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