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hi nothing dude forget this topic and change it

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What are alternatives both individually and on a wider scale that could be used to reduce the level of fossil fuel pollution?

Move to renewable energy.

Where to make complaint about noise pollution in delhi?

You can complaint at Delhi Pollution Control Committee DPCC 4th floor Kashmeri Gate (ISBT Building) Delhi 110006

What are the steps taken by government to reduce water pollution in river yamuna in delhi?

no step is taken by the government till now because government is corrupted

What is the alternatives of tropical hut restaurant?

Taj hotels in Delhi..

How could you reduce the pollution of combustion reaction?

how can we reduce the pollution of combustion reaction

How can you reduce air pollution from the motor vehicles?

How can we reduce air pollution from the motor vehicles

What petrol has been introduced to reduce air-pollution?

Unleaded petrol was introduced to reduce lead pollution of the air.

What actions will best help reduce land pollution?

The actions that will help to reduce land pollution is Reduce Reuse Recycle.

How does pollution reduce the availability of resources?

The more pollution that is put into the world, the more resources have to be used to reduce the problems created by pollution.

What can you do to reduce ozone pollution?

To reduce ozone pollution, curb CFC's. They are the ones that deplete ozone.

What can be cone to reduce river pollution?

To reduce river pollution we can stop throwing our waste into the rivers .

What will not reduce water pollution?

What will not reduce water pollution is constantly dumping garbage in to lakes and rivers.

How can breeding programs reduce pollution?

Breeding programs reduce pollution in the sense that breeding programs reduce the amount of air pollution in the atmosphere and slows down CO2 production.

How does reuse help us to reduce air pollution?

It is often unclear how the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process can reduce pollution in the air. The chief way that reusing, in particular, can reduce air pollution is by reducing the need for the manufacturing of new items. The manufacturing process can cause air pollution, so the reduced need to manufacture will reduce the produced pollution.

Where in the world is pollution most serious?

china is they had to reduce it and make laws to reduce pollution during the Olympics

What are you doing to reduce air pollution in Pakistan?

Our coutry pakistan is growing trees to reduce air pollution

What are two ways in which governments can help to reduce air pollution?

Two ways in which governments can help to reduce air pollution are through regulations to reduce air pollution and increased funding for public transportation.

Which city in India has the highest amount of air pollution?


How can you make Delhi a pollution free zone?

dont pollute it.

What is 3 possible solutions to stop pollution?

It is impossible to stop pollution. You cannot people to use air conditioner or cars. You can reduce pollution. You can practise the 3'R with are reduce, reuse and recycle, to reduce all the type of pollution. Use electrical cars example hybrid cars to reduse air pollution. Throw rubbish in a proper place example in rubbish bin, to reduce land pollution, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and the spread of diseases like influenza A H1N1. Actually there are more than 3 ways to reduce pollution. You can find them in other web sites.

How you can reduce air pollution?

We can reduce air pollution by not using plastic bags by throwing garbage in the dustbin by stopping factries

How can we reduce pollution caused by use of petroleum products?

You can reduce pollution by using cycles or local busses for short distances.

How do plants reduce air pollution?

They breath pollution and carbon dioxside.

What is a way to reduce water pollution?

Water pollution can be reduce on both downstream and upstream. Downstream pollution reduction is the water treatment and waste recovery and upstream pollution reduction is reduce pollution at source. The reduction at source for instance, on cleaning, we could brush out the dirt before wash with water and hence lesser pollution go into water.

What are the solution of air pollution?

The only way to reduce air pollution is to limit activities that cause it. Some things that would reduce air pollution including driving less, installing technology to reduce pollution from industry, and promote the use of alternative energy sources.