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You have to wait until you turn 18--and be sure that you have the means to support yourself.

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Q: Am a 17 year old wanting to leave home?
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In San Antonio Texas can a 17 year old leave home?

In San Antonio, Texas, you cannot legally leave home without the permission of a parent or guardian. If you want to leave home, you must become an emancipated minor. You would have to petition the court to do so and you would need to prove that you can take care of your self on your own. You will also need a legitimate reason for wanting to become emancipated.

28 year old wants to leave home?

About time.

Can you leave your 7 year old home to babysit?

NO. Are you crazy?

Can a 17year old leave home with a 19 year old without consent?

Not legally.

Can you leave an 18 year old at home alone for a couple of weeks?

Yes. An 18-year-old is an adult.

Can a seventeen year old leave home if she is able to support herself and she has a stable home to move into?


How does a 17 year old get emancipated to leave his home?

You need to get a a judge to let you leave by court order.

Can a 17-year-old leave home to live with her 17- year-old boyfriend and his parents?

With parental consent yes.

Can you legally leave home at 17 in the state of Georgia to move in with a 20 yr old male?

No, you can not leave home at 17 to move in with a 20 year old male.Because, the 20 year old could go to jail for being 3 years older than the 17 year old.

Can a parent make a 18 year old leave his home?

Legally, a parent cannot force an 18-year-old to leave their home if the 18-year-old is still considered a dependent. However, once the 18-year-old is no longer considered a dependent, the parent can ask them to leave.

Is it legal to leave a 16-year-old at home alone in SC?


Is it illegal to leave an 11 year old boy at home for about 2days?