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republican principles

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Q: America resisted expansion because imperial rule seemed inconsistent with america's?
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Name several ways in which enslave Africans resisted their position in Americas?


What are the three ways the black slaves in Americas resisted their oppressors?

burning crops killing animals running away

What were several ways in which enslaved Africans resisted their position in the Americas?

There were several ways that slaves resisted their treatment in America. These included breaking tools, uprooting plants, working slow, or some even ran away.

What countries resisted colonialism?

Most African tribes and nations, most notably Ethiopia, and East Asian nations such as Japan and China are some of the most notable countries that resisted colonialism from Western imperial powers.

How did the Spanish's build an empire in the Americas?

In the Colonial Period of European/American History, Spain built up a vast empire in both South and North America mainly through military might. Though intending to foster trade and to engage in religious conversion of native populations (which in fact did generally occur), Spain's imperial growth was primarily due to the force of its arms, which overwhelmed native groups that resisted as Spanish explorers, traders, priests, and settlers moved into the Americas.

What is sentences for resisted?

He resisted arrest and was charged.

How the Weight is resisted by Structures?

how weight is resisted by structures

What groups resisted slavery and why?

Quakers resisted slavery.

China resisted European influence until when?

There are various times in which China resisted European influence. For example, during the Opium Wars in which they resisted the British.

Can a force be resisted?


How to use the resisted the temptation in a meaningful sentence?

Example: I resisted the temptation to kill Justin Bieber.

Why did most European imperial powers show little resistance to letting their African colonies become independent?

I believe that independence was resisted due to the Europeans wanting to freely use Africa's resources along with its people.