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American general in pacific during World War 2?


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General Douglas MacArthur.

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General of the Army (5 Star) Douglas MacArthur was the Theater Commander in the Pacific during WWII.

No. he was in charge of the European theater in WW2. MacArthur was in charge of the Pacific theater.

Britain didn't have any troops in the Pacific during World War 2

The commander of the Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II was General Douglas MacArthur

Admiral Nimitz commanded the Northern Pacific, General MacArthur commanded the Southern Pacific.

MacArthur was the general of the Pacific Theatre of World War II and in Korea during the Korean War.

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. He was the Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Fleet. General Douglas MacArthur led the Army in the Pacific.

In WWII, General Douglas MacArthur was the overall commander of the US forces in the Pacific.

general George Patton Dwight d. eisenhower

The US did not have a strategy in the Pacific. There was little or no conflict in the Pacific in WW I, the military activity all took place in Europe.

The two United States Commanders that led troops in the European and Pacific fronts during World War II were General Eisenhower and General MacArthur. Eisenhower was in Europe and MacArthur was in the Pacific.

General Douglas MacArthur was the supreme commander of the allied forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War 2.

General George C. Marshall was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington. He appointed Eisenhower as the overall commander in the European theatre and had MacArthur commander of American forces in the Pacific theatre.

US Admiral in the Pacific during World War 2?Nimitz

The Philippines were liberated, and Japan eventually surrendered

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