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Americans did not "officially and legally" enter World War 2 until Pearl Harbor was bombed, however the Americans were helping with food, supplies, war materiels, and add ship convoy protection.

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How did the Americans help the Allies win World War 1?

The Americans helped the Allies by sending resources to them during WWI.

Did the Allies assassinate anybody during World War 2?

Well. . . . . . I think the British helped the Americans.

Why were the Americans flying with The British during World War 1?

Americans and the British were allies during WWI and helped each other out in order to defeat the central power Germany.

Who were the first allies in World War I?

Who were the first allies in world war 1?

Why did the Americans want the allies to win?

During World War 1, the Lusitania, a civilian boat, was struck by a German U-Boat killing many Americans propelling America on the side of the Allies. The boat was destroyed on May 7th in 1915. During World War 2, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a major naval base where most of the American Fleet rested causing the Americans to join on the side of the Allies once again.

Who were Norway's allies during World War 2?

Norway's allies were Britain, and the allies including the U.S.

What kind of supplies did the Americans give to their allies in World War I?

In World War 1, the American contribution was mostly troops, not supplies for the allies.

Was U.S part of the Allies or Axis during world war 2?

The U.S. was part of the Allies during WWII.

Whant's an allies?

an allies is a friend the term was used a lot in world war 2 between the british and the Americans

Why did some Americans choose not to support World War 1?

During the first world war, some Americans might have chosen to remain neutral because they believed that it was Europe's fight, and should therefore leave them to fight it. Americans may also not have the strong ties to England (as England's allies did), because of the American Revolution that happened only decades earlier?

When did Romania get taken over by the Germans?

In 1916-1918, during the first world war; during WW 2 Romania and Germany were allies.

How did Americans help in World War 2?

they sold weapons and supplies to the allies

What helped the Americans win World War 2?

I think you mean the allies.

How did America help it allies during World War 2?

America helped it's allies during World War 2 by shooting people and stuff. they were smart.

What did they use the first computer for?

The first proper computers were used to help the Allies decode German encrypted messages during World War II.

Who were the alllies during World War 1?

The major Allies during World War I were France, Britain, Russia, and Italy. As the war dragged on, other countries joined the Allies.

Was Norway a member of the axis allience or the allies allience?

During World War 1, Norway was a neautral country. During World War 2, Norway was a part of the Allies.

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