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The best hair loss shampoo is from Rogaine. Rogaine is a well known company that has produced hair products like dyes and shampoos to help stop hair loss.

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Q: Among hair loss shampoos, which brand is the most effective?
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What is the effect of shampoos on the tensile strength of hair?

The effect of shampoos on the tensile strength of hair are hard to determine. Depending on color of hair, brand of shampoo, and previous damage to hair, the results will differ.

Which is the best shampoo for the hair?

Everyone hair is different. You will need to use the Shampoo that is right for you and your hair type. Do you have normal hair? If so purchase shampoos for normal hair. Do you have color in your hair? If so use color treated shampoos. Do you have oily hair? If so use Shampoos that are designed to remove some of the oils from your hair but without stripping your hair of it's natural oils Do you have dry hair? If so use shampoos that are designed to put moisture back in the hair. The best shampoos are solely up to you. It's the brand you like and what works for you. I recommend using organic shampoos that are made free of any harsh ingredients, as for your preferred brand we should leave that up to you.

What brand of shampoos can you use with the Brazilian hair straightening?

HAIR SHINE is the Brazilian brand that carries the best on maintenance for that type and other chemicals treatments. Ask your hair stylist.

Is Kerastase Reflection only effective on color-treated hair?

No. Kerastase is a product that is used in very high end shampoos and conditioners. These products usually cost as much as salon shampoos and conditioners.

What shampoos make hair grow faster?

coconut oil shampoos make your hair grow a lot faster

What shampoos to use on color treated hair?

You should use sulfate-free shampoos on color treated hair.

Do hydrating shampoos really strengthen hair more than regular shampoos?

yes they do if you have curly hair if you have straight then regulars do.

Is shampoo a base?

It depends on which shampoo. Different shampoos are designed to have a specific acidity so they don't damage the user's hair. Some shampoos are probably bases, but not all of them are. Shampoos pH vary by brand but normally are around 5-6. Which is slightly acidic but almost neutral.

What are the differences in shampoos?

There are shampoos for hair that has dandruff, dry hair that needs moisture, hair that needs shine, voluming shampoo is huge for flat hair, and there is even repairing shampoo for damaged hair.

Is kerastase shampo better than Pantene?

Studies show that Kerastase and Pantene are both effective and among the best in their use as hair-thinning shampoos, so the question is simply a matter of opinion. The decision may be left to something as: Which has a better scent?

How do you get volume in your hair?

There are special shampoos that can help with this.

What are some of the best hair thickening shampoos?

According to Good Housekeeping magazine, the following hair thickening shampoos are the most effective: Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick, Nexxus Diametress, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo, and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Shampoo.

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