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Dog fight

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Q: An aerial combat at short range is called a?
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What is aerial combat at short range called?

An aerial combat at short range is known as a 'Dogfight'.

What did the Romans use in a one to one combat?

They used a short sword called gladius. Because it was short and light, it was suited for close combat.

What sources may be the only ones used by a division?

short-range aerial reconnaissance, texts, periodicals and technical papers

What does the phrase close combat mean?

The phrase close combat typically means combat which occurs at very short range. Typically in modern times this is where close quarters combat and hand-to-hand combat training is vital for the armed forces.

What is the national airline of Australia called?

QANTAS ( short for the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service which is how it started out).

What is The short-range radio technology used with some wireless printers called?

It's called Bluetooth.

Are dipole-dipole forces short-range or long-range?

short -range

Is the demon blade awesome on rotmg?

The Demon Blade is very effective for short range combat as it fires two shots that will only both hit an enemy at close range, though the two shots together do more than your average sword.

The name of a short range rocket weapon?

short range rocket weapon

What short sword was used with a katana during combat?


What is meant by the term combat stress?

The term combat stress refers to the psychological and physiological reactions that occur during or after combat. It is a short term response and is not a psychiatric disorder.

What is the range of gravity?

very short range