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Analogical argument

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Q: An argument which draws a conclusion of about a single thing by comparing it to another?
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What is an argument that draws a conclusion of about a single thing by comparing it to another?

Analogical Arguments

An argument that focuses on a single important or main idea is called?

unified argument

What is a piece of writing on a single subject?

An essay is a piece of writing on a single subject that presents a writer's argument or opinion in a structured format with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is typically focused on exploring a specific topic in depth and providing analysis or interpretation.

What is the conclusion of being a single parent?

true pain and heartache

What was the single biggest argument which caused the civil war?

It was the issue of human slavery.

Which student is most clearly synthesizing the claims of the discussion into a single conclusion?


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raindrop:rain as snowflake:snow. Comparing one (a single flake) to many (lots of snowflakes is "snow")

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The three phase AC system has changed society due to it's direct effect on the economy and the reliability of the electrical source. Economy reasons due to less wire are being used comparing the single phase system. as well as less electrical poles for the transmission process of the electrical p from one area to another. Reliability reasons due to the higher efficiency and the lower line losses comparing to the single phase !

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A single number cannot be compared. Also, it will always be in a correct order - increasing or decreasing!

What should be considered before a single conclusion is researched?

As if I know. I'm the one who asked the dang question.

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