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Why is an electric light bulb hot to the touch?

Electricity passing through the filament not only produces light, due to the filament's resistance, but also heat.

Why are insulators of electricity used to prevent electric shock?

Because they prevent the electric current from passing through them and damaging the human who touched the source or another piece of electronics.

Why the bird do not get shock on electric wire?

when the electricity pass through the body of person we get the shock a bird is perch on the electric on the wire the electricity is not passing through the bird

What is the contrast of electric current and static electricity?

Static electricity is a result of an object being charged and electric current is by passing magnets over copper wire.

What process do car headlights use to emit light?

Electric Discharge- the process of emitting light because of electricity passing through a gas.

Passing an electric current through a certain substance produces oxygen and sulfur?

it cannot be an element

Why birds do not get electric current when they sit on electric wire?

Because they do not stand on the wire and the ground at the same time so there is no large potential difference. When humans are shocked it is electricity passing through them to the earth.

Passing an electric current through a certain substance produces oxygen and sulfur This substance cannot be a?


How is electricity mostly generated?

it is because of passing of electrons in a wire or medium

Why you get shock when touching uncovered wire?

You can be shocked because that the wire is passing electricity and that its moving around. Your body has electricity in them and when touched the electricity are moved and you get shocked

What is one of the most common causes by which atoms gain or loose electric charges?

the passing of electricity through conductive and semi-conductive material

Why do lightbulbs get hot?

a lightbulb gets hot because the current passing through it produces heat

Can electricity be used to make heat?

Of course. That's what an electric fire does, and a cigarette lighter, a toaster, a hair drier, an electric oven, a light bulb. All involve passing an electric current through a wire to make it hot.

What is the difference between electric currents and electric charge?

Electric current is a flow of electrons is a measure of the quantity of electrical charge passing any point of the wire in a unit time.And, electric current is measured in ampere (A).Whereas, electric charge is the quantity of electricity that flows in electric currents . And , it is measured in coulomb (C)

What are bushes in electronics?

Brushes are pieces of carbon, generally square or rectangular that make contact with an electric motors armature passing electricity to the reolveing part a motor.

Can electricity still pass through a bulb which has fused?

If the bulb lights up then electricity is passing through the bulb. If the bulb doesn't light up then electricity is not passing through.

Why does the light bulb not work when the filament is broken?

A light bulb works by passing an electric current through the filament, which is usually made from a high resistance substance such as tungsten. When the current flows through, the filament glows which produces the light. When it burns out, no electricity passes and no glowing occurs. Source: i just know

What is an incandescent light bulb?

An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light which produces light with a wire filament heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows.

How do nuclear produce electricity?

The produced nuclear energy manifests itself as heat energy transferred to the coolant passing by it and heats it up. The coolant is either transforms directly into steam (as in boiling water reactors) or it transfers its heat to another secondary coolant (through a steam generator) transferring it into steam. The steam flows to a turbine to operate it and the turbine consequently turns and electric generator that produces electricity.

An electric motor turns because the electricty passing through its coils produces?

An electric motor turns because its coils are present between the poles of a strong magnet or electromagnet. Whenever a current passes through a wire in a magnetic field, the wire moves. The electromagnet and the copper coils are arranged in such a manner that when a current passes through the coil an armature linked to the coil rotates.

Who discovered how to make electricity in 1831?

The English scientist, Michael Faraday. He invented the first dynmos and electric motors after experimenting with inducing magnetism by passing current through conductors.

What substances form electric current pass through water?

When passing electricity through water, the water (H20) divides into two H (Hydrogen) and 1 O (Oxygen).

Which of the noble gases produce a colored glow when excited by electricity passing through a glass tube in which the gas is confined?

The name of the gas is Neon. Neon produces a reddish-orange color. Argon produces a faint purple. Krypton produces a ghostly white. Xenon produces a blue glow. No information exists on radon as it is not used in neon signs.

How is water decomposed into its constituents?

By passing electricity through it.

What is purifying of metals by passing electricity called?