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An exaltation is a group of what?

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An exaltation is a flight of larks

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What is a group of larks called?

A group of larks is called an exaltation.

What kind of an animal is a exaltation?

A group of larks is known as an exaltation of larks.The same collective noun also applies to a group of skylarks or doves.

What is a poetic collective nouns for a group of larks?

The poetic collective nouns for a group of larks is An exaltation of larks.

What do they call a group of larks?

An exaltation of larks. Unusual name, but rather nice.

What rhymes with exaltation?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word exaltation.

How do you use the word exaltation in a sentence?

with such exaltation Tina ran to her new car

How do you use exaltation in a sentence?

exaltation came to my face wen i saw my presents

What does exaltation mean?


What is the collective noun for skylarks?


What is a sentence for exaltation?

All that i know is that exaltation means the act of exalting or state of being exalted........intence exhilaration.............sorry for not answering this question fully

What is a flock of larks?

an exaltation (in flight overhead) bevy

What is collective noun for group of crossword puzzlers?

According to James Lipton's book, An Exaltation of Larks, the collective noun for a group of crossword puzzlers is "catchword." Example: A catchword of crossword puzzlers has completed the world's most difficult crossword puzzle.

What is a flock of larks called?

Bevy Exaltation (in flight overhead)

How do you put exaltation in a sentence?

i tried to think of something but i couldnt :(

What are some synonyms of eulogy that start with the letter e?


A group of organism that work together?

...a family, tribe....there are also a set of English idioms to refer to different animal groups like an exaltation of larks, a murder of crows or a pack of wolves.

What day is the feast of the True Cross?

Exaltation of the Cross - September 14

What is the antonym for pillory?

praise, public exaltation, awe, uplift, encouragement

What did the Apostles stress before the religious council?

death, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus

What are synonyms of euphoric?

exhilaration exaltation jubilation relaxation transport ecstasy elation

Why was the Messiah considered a great success?

Because it conveys a feeling of religious exaltation.

What do the words exaltation cry peep and band have in common?

The words all have vowels in it

What is a synonym for glory?

magnificence, splendor, beauty, wonder, grandeur, brilliance, exaltation.

What does elatio mean in English?

Exaltation; the act of lifting up; the act of carrying to burial.

What has the author Stephen Haliczer written?

Stephen Haliczer has written: 'Between Exaltation and Infamy'