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One who has his or her own unique history and personality.

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Q: An individuated character is one who?
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What is an individuated character?

A character with their own unique personality and history is an individuated character. individuation means becoming a person with a completely integrated personality.

What is the ISBN of The Individuated Hobbit?

The ISBN of The Individuated Hobbit is 039528208X.

When was The Individuated Hobbit created?

The Individuated Hobbit was created in 1979-09.

How many pages does The Individuated Hobbit have?

The Individuated Hobbit has 200 pages.

A static character is one who?

A static character is one who?

What type of character is seen in only one way?

A one dimensional character or a "flat" character

How many letters in one character?

A character is one letter

How can you tell a main character is a main character?

Is the story about them? The main character is the one that everything happens to, the character who changes over the course of the story.

The asterisk is a wildcard for one character?

It can stand for one character, but it is mostly used for multiple characters. The question mark is specifically designated for one character.

Who was the Tony Montana character based on?

He is a fictional character based on no one in particular He is a fictional character based on no one in particular

How many character can store a character variable?


What is a one character computer memory called?

8 bits equals to one character.

Which type of character is not one of the main characters?

If a character is not a main character, they would be a supporting character or a minor character.

In literature what is an example of a flat character?

flat character means one-dimensional character.

One bit is how much characters or one character is how much bit?

One character is equals to 8 bits.

How many KB in one character?

A character in ASCII format requires only one byte and a character in UNICODE requires 2 bytes.

What is an original character?

One of the characters is Harry Another character is Jade Another character is Mark And the last character is Rachel

The character in one thousand dollars?

The main character is gillian.

How many bytes or bits are in one character?

Usually, at least in ASCII, a character is one byte.

Which memory unit is equal to one character?

One byte (8 bits) represents a character .

What type of character exhibits only one or two qualities and traits and is less important in the story?

A supporting character, a peripheral character, a foil, a one-dimensional, cardboard, flat character.

Is a wildcard for more than one character?

A wildcard can be for more than a single character.Some possibilities:any single characterany single character or nothingany character, at least one of themany character, or any number of them, or none at all

What is the definition of a main character in a story?

the answer to a main character is a person or living thing that is talked about mostly or has a great part in the book, ect.the main character on a story can be one person or a group of people, the main character usually leads to the introduction of the story then to the climax and the to the end. So in other words the main character in a story is a leader.well usually the main character is the one who is most mentionedThe main character in a story is the character who the story is mostly talking about. For instance there may be more than one character in a story, but one character is going to be the center of attention. One character may be telling the story about the main character but you have to really consider who has the most attention or who you have learned most about in that novel.

What is the third narrator called with one character?

The third person with one character is called a limited narrator

A flat character is a character who?

is simple and can be described in one or two sentences.