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The speed stays thesame but the distance stays the same.

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Hundreds of bombs were dropped on Bristol during the war. Bombs were not measured according to the amount dropped but the tonnage that was dropped. Thousands of tons were dropped on Bristol and other areas.

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Triangulate the distance with geometry. If you know the distance between two points in a triangle and the angle between those two and the third, you can calculate the distance between all three. We know the distance to the sun (the nearest star) because we dropped mirrors all over the moon and used them to bounce signals off and then time how long they take to go there and back, calculate the distance and then we've got two sides of the triangle and can figure out the third.

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True fact. I heard two seconds, but three is even safer. Also works for how long it takes to contaminate a dropped food item.

No, it was dropped out in a desert in the USA. USA troops were watching it from a save distance, so they weren't nuked. No, it was dropped by the U.S. troops on Nagasaki then another one was dropped on Hiroshima, which was occupied by Japanese troops.

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The spelling truly is correct. The E is dropped from true when adding -LY.

one that will if dropped on their head will hurt them

Any mass that is dropped from a z-distance from the surface which has a gravity.

Bombs were measured in tonnage, not by individual bombs. Hundreds of thousands.

Correct! Red is marking a lateral hazard. Ball may be dropped within 2 club lengths of where it crossed the red stakes or if found, played from the hazard with no penalty.

Yes, the spelling "noticeable" is correct. On words that end in CE or GE, the E is not dropped when adding the suffix -able.

If an object is dropped from rest at a height of 128 m, the distance it falls during its final second in the air is still 128 m.

You will need a lawyer for a current, correct and legal answer.

Firstly, knowing this distance won't affect the launch. But the actual distance will, whether you know it or not. So, the greater this distance the more the speed of the object and so the greater the force produced on the lever.

The correct spelling is fortunate.when the word "fortune" combines with the suffix "-ate," the "e" gets dropped.

line noisevolume dropped as a function of the line distance

When a ball is dropped, it no longer has potential energy. Before it drops, you can calculate the potential energy (= mgh); to actually measure this, you would have to measure the force, and multiply that by the distance.

If an object is dropped near the surface of a planet, then the distance it fallsduring the first ' S ' seconds after it's dropped is(1/2) (acceleration of gravity on that planet) (S2) .The object's mass doesn't matter, because it makes no difference.

What's a "bome"?Get your spelling correct first if you want an actual answer to your question.

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