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Q: Analyze the changes and continuities in labor systems between 1750 and 1914 in one of the following areas Latin America and the Caribbean Russia sub-saharan Africa?
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Which of the following Caribbean territories are found in south America?


What hemispheres Latin America in?

Latin America is in the following hemispheres:Western HemisphereBoth northern hemisphere (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean) as well as the Southern Hemisphere (most of South America).

What are the two main subregions of Latin America?

the Caribbean, south America and middle America

Which to continents are close to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean Sea is bordered by both North and South America.

Which regions did Britain claim both in 1754 and 1763?

North America and the caribbean

What four regions make up Latin America?

Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Is martinique it in north America or South America?

It's in north america but it's a caribbean island

What Continent is the Caribbean in?

The Caribbean is not a continent; it is a region comprised of numerous islands located in the Caribbean Sea. It is situated within the continent of North America.

Is Brazil in the Caribbean or the Atlantic of south America?

it is in the caribbean

Is the Caribbean part of America?

The Caribbean is part of Latin America because there are supposed to be 12 countries.

Is the Caribbean country of North America?

No, the Caribbean is a sea that lays between North America's southeastern coast and South America's northeastern coast. The Caribbean is not a country, but there are several island nations that lay within the Caribbean Sea.

What sea separates south America from Caribbean?

The Caribbean Sea.