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Animal Crossing golden?


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September 12, 2011 1:58PM

the golden tools are better than normal items like for egsample the golden shovel can make money trees by burrying money,the golden slingshot shoots three pebbles etc

to get the golden axe....

  1. Know that the scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week.
  2. Buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town.
  • Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town.
  • Sahara should give you either th Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to show up and give him the scallop.
  • If you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Picture
  • If you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Picture.

to get the golden slingshot....

To get the golden slingshot you have to shoot down a total of fifteen balloon presents the sixteenth present will have a golden toolbox attached with the golden slingshot inside.

to get the golden shovel....

1. buy two shovels

2. bury one (better in a place where you'll remember and there isn't many or any buried items

3. 24hrs (a day) later dig it up and it should be golden.

to get the golden fishing rod....

catch one (or more) of every type of fish

to get the golden net....

catch one (or more) of every type of bug

to get the golden watering can....

Keep your town on the Perfect status for about 17 days and you'll get it

this is what they do:

The golden watering can- grown golden roses from withering roses.

The golden axe- never breakes.

The golden fishing rod- holds the fish on for a longer time.

The golden net- is bigger so you have more chance of catching the bug.

The golden slingshot- shoots 3 stones at the same time.

The golden shovel- lets you grown money trees.

to grow money trees i buried about 50,000 bells (it may seem bad but you get 90,000 bells from 3 bags of 30,000.)

cation you need the golden shovel to do this.

hope i helped ;-D