Animal abuse is a serious problem?

Hi :-) Yes animal abuse is a serious problem....People think its fun abusing an animal.But its NOT fun at all.Let me tell you something that is very sad...Thousands of people abuse an animal each day!Why?Because they think its funny ;-( Well its not.In china they abuse cats and dogs and eat them.Im not saying China people are stupid only if they kill animals...People also make fur or coats out of animals.Why?Because they think its warm.But its wrong!!!Im also sad that people kill chickens,cows,pigs and more :-( People also steal animals.Why?Sometimes to abuse them or kill them...We lost 3 cats.1 was sick and passed away :-( 2 ran away and NEVER came back :-( Somebody took them cause they said theve seen him but then somebody stole them :-( Animal ABUSE is WRONG.STOP IT NOW AND FOREVER!!!!! :-) We can make a diffrence!Save PLANTS and TREES too.