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Hi :-) Yes animal abuse is a serious problem....People think its fun abusing an animal.But its NOT fun at all.Let me tell you something that is very sad...Thousands of people abuse an animal each day!Why?Because they think its funny ;-( Well its not.In china they abuse cats and dogs and eat them.Im not saying China people are stupid only if they kill animals...People also make fur or coats out of animals.Why?Because they think its warm.But its wrong!!!Im also sad that people kill chickens,cows,pigs and more :-( People also steal animals.Why?Sometimes to abuse them or kill them...We lost 3 cats.1 was sick and passed away :-( 2 ran away and NEVER came back :-( Somebody took them cause they said theve seen him but then somebody stole them :-( Animal ABUSE is WRONG.STOP IT NOW AND FOREVER!!!!! :-) We can make a diffrence!Save PLANTS and TREES too.

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How big of a problem is animal abuse in the US?

The best answer is: unknown. There are no reliable national statistics maintained on how many animals are abused, either absolute or percentage. However, anecdotally the abuse of animals is a serious problem that is often underreported or ignored.

Do people get mad because of animal abuse?

Are you serious? Of course they do!

Is animal abuse a global problem?

Yes, animal abuse is a global problem. Unfortunately, people all over the world abuse animals. There are 100 million animals alone that are used for laboratory testing worldwide.

How does animal abuse connect to an external problem or issue?


Why has animal abuse become a problem?

it hurts them help please

When did animal abuse become a problem?

It has always been a problem but it just has not been publicized.

What do you do if you see an animal being abused?

Immediately call your local animal abuse agency. If you do not know any in your area, call 911. Animal abuse is a serious offense and should be reported immediately.

Can you get pregnant if a dog came in you?

This is animal abuse and is against the law. NO, you can not get pregnant, but you can get an serious infection.

What is the real problem in animal abuse?

you could potentially kill the animals.

What is the number one state that has a problem with animal abuse?

let me know

What is the fine for animal abuse?

It depends. Serious crimes against animals are punished with jail time.

What makes emotional abuse serious?

Well it's serious because it hurts the person inside. It makes them feel insecure about themselves. Abuse is a big problem. Through cyber, emotionally, physically, mentally.

What are the effects of animal abuse?

the effects of animal abuse is dying or the animal is taken from animal abuse organizations or charities.

What are the root causes of animal abuse?

Either the animal did something agresive or was dominate against the owner or the owner just hates the animal. Maybe the person has serious issues.

Is neglect animal abuse?

Yes, neglecting an animal is animal abuse.

How can the problem of urban environmental abuse caused by domestic animal rearing be handled?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal abuse?

There are no advantages to any animal abuse case. The disadvantages of animal abuse include death of the poor animal.

What type of abuse is reported most frequently to CPS?

What Type of Abuse Is Most Often Reported in the Elderly?. Elder abuse is a serious problem in our nation today. [ Many different forms exist, such as physical, mental ...

Can animal abuse be supported?

no animal abuse is a bunch of bull

Can you get arreseted for animal abuse?

yes. animal abuse is illegal

What year had the most animal abuse?

the year with the most animal abuse is every year,many people like to abuse animal in diffrent ways.Overbreeding and poching animal are some of our main parts of animal abuse.

What is intentional animal abuse?

Intentional animal abuse is abuse that someone inflicts on animals on purpose.

What is the definetion of animal abuse?

animal abuse is being mean to an animal for no apparent reason

What causes animal abuse?

physco people cause animal abuse.

Where in Canada does Animal Abuse Happen?

animal abuse can happen any where

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