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Extra fat layers of skin

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What are some animal adaptations for taiga?

they grow hair or hibernate or leave haha

what kind of adaptations would you expect to find in an animal in the alpine but not in the taiga?

Warm coats

What adaptations does the taiga have?

eating plants and meat

What adaptations do moose have in the taiga?

big horns to fight

What are the adaptations of animals in the taiga boreal forest?

There isnt any

What are the adaptations of a white poplar?

In the taiga (biome) it would probaly be the climate .

What is the definition of animal adaptations?

animal adaptations are how they get used to where the are or live

Dominant animal of the taiga?


What is the Taiga animal life?


What are some adaptations of the wild lily of the valley in the taiga?

i don't know :P

Are the adaptations a physical part of the animal?

Yes, these are called "Structural Adaptations". How an animal acts is part of its "Behavioral Adaptations".

How can a animal survive without adaptations?

all animals have to have adaptations in order to live. if an animal is living then it will always have adaptations

Is the snow leopard a taiga or tundra animal?

its tundra animal :D

What adaptations do plants need to survive in the Taiga?

They have to adapt to cold climates and to have little sunlight

What is taiga plant adaptations?

They have to drop their leaves because it gets cold on the winter! Hehehe

What is the plant and animal population of taiga?

chicken but

What is the biggest animal in the taiga?

grizzly bears

Dominant animal species about the taiga?


What are some temperate woodland and shrubland animal adaptations?

animal adaptations for temperate woodland

What does a taiga biome look like?

The taiga is a huge snowy forest that circles the globe the most know animal in the taiga is the lnyx. Most of Canada is tiaga.

What animal eats a caribou in the taiga?

Wolves and humans.

What is the animal for taiga?

The american Black bear lives in the taiga. It can run as fast as 25 miles per hour.

What is the animal life in the taiga?

many animals live in the taiga biome some are the elk, grey fox, and reindeer.

Which animal has the same adaptations as the box jellyfish?

The animal that has the same adaptations as a box jellyfish is a string jellyfish

Animal behavioral adaptations?

animals behavioral adaptation is when animal behaves a surtin wayBehavioral adaptations of an animal are the things an animal does to survive. These adaptations are a direct result of evolution and include things like hibernation and migration.

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