The word "moose" is said to be from "mus" of the Native American Algonquian family of languages. The largest of the deer family, Cervidae, Alces alces americanus have a distribution in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada, but extend southward down the Rocky Mountains into Utah and Colorado.

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Performing Arts

Do moose herds circle in the middle of a stream and dance?

Yes they do.

Kosher Food

Are moose kosher?

Yes - a moose is a kosher animal. That doesn't mean that any eatery in Alaska offering moose burgers or steaks is automatically kosher.

Any mammal that has split hooves and chews its cud (has multiple stomachs) is a kosher animal. If it is slaughtered in a specific process known as Shechita, and the meat is then soaked and salted (to drain the blood away), then the meat is kosher.

Moose meat, along with meat of all kosher mammals, may not be eaten together with any dairy products.


Are there moose in Juneau Alaska?

Nope, gonna find those further up North.


How long does a moose live with its parents?

A calf will normally only live with its mother (called a cow) for a year. A calf can be separated from its mother is if it chased off by bull who wants to mate with its mother during the rut. Calves are mostly chased off by their mother in late May, right before she gives birth. If a cow does not become pregnant, the calf can stay with its mother for two years.


What is the correct term for more then one moose?

meese is the plural form of moose.

Storage of Meats Poultry and Seafood

Can you refreeze moose meat?

Yes, it is possible to refreeze moose meat, but first make sure that it isn't spoiled already.have no clue actually.


How did the stag moose go extinct?

they got beat up by a gang of ravenous black squirrels in the Forrest of enchantment then the woodland critters came along and stole their food :( r.i.p stag moose


Did the thirsty moose restaurant in NJ close?

Yes. I heard it closed in August 2010

Animal Behavior
Animal Health

What are a moose's adaptations?

* Long legs and a thick body allow the moose to move through deep snow and wet areas without trouble * Their hair is wider at the tip than the base to make an insulating layer of warmth around them in the winter months. * The two large toes on the moose hooves are spread apart wide enough to keep the moose from sinking into the snow * When winter begins, moose grow a thicker and furrier coat to stay warm


Conflict in the moose and the sparrow?

character vs. character , is the conflict between moose and cecil . moose tried to play pranks and tries to hurt him .. but that didn't turn out the best for him . now did it ?

Cows and Cattle

If bovine is cow what is moose?

The scientific name for the moose species is Alces americanus. Since it was not discovered by the English speaking world until the colonization of the western hemisphere, it does not have the same kind of linguistic roots as the word cow. However, based on the species name, I would opt for "American" as the adjectival form.


How do you make juicy moose burgers?

liquid merinade for @ least one day then slowly cook it to how you would prepare yourself the best steak ever!!


Who is Mongo the Moose?

Mongo the moose is a somewhat famous bull calf that lives in the Kenai peninsula area and has been known to frequent Kenai Joes, he was born off the bluff, he is very friendly. For more information concerning Mongo the famous moose just google his name and you can find out what hes been up to and how his life is going

Drama Movies

Does travis bickle die in taxi driver?

No, he goes into a coma, but then wakes up and is considered a hero. Even Betsy congratulates him whe she hails his cab some weeks later, but he will not let her pay for the ride.

Actually, there is another interpretation. At the end of his shooting spree, Travis is actually dying. From that point on, every thing he sees is his dying fantasy; the papers celebrating him as a hero, the happy ending for the teen hooker, Betsy (who hated his guts) proud of him. When he's alone in the cab at the end, he adjusts his rearview mirror, we see his face - and there is a music sting. His face in the mirror disappears, and we're looking through the cab's rear window. Travis has died, and as shown under the end credits, he and his ghost cab are riding through the Hell of Manhattan for the rest of eternity.


Do moose eat mice?

No, Moose are herbivores and therefore do not eat Mice.


Where can you find a wolverine and a moose?

In Northern Michigan, Canada,Yellowstone, basically remote wilderness with rivers or creeks.

Moose are increasingly common the farther north you go; wolverine are widespread, but not terribly common anywhere.


Does a moose have fur?

yes they do have fur.

Plural Nouns

What is the plural possessive of the word moose?

The singular and the plural form for the noun moose are the same. The singular possessive and the plural possessive are moose's. Examples:

We saw a moose's footprints in the snow.

We saw several moose's footprints in the snow.

Afro & Dreadlocks

Can you use moose on synthetic hair?

Yes you can

Plural Nouns

What is a moose knuckle?

There are two uses of the term Moose Knuckle.

One refers to the leg joints in a moose.

"The other is an alliteration to the labia of an obese woman when she is wearing tight clothes that accentuate her labia." It is cameltoe's ugly sister.

See the links and the related questions, both of which you'll find below.


Why don't moose hibernate?

Moose don't hibernate because they can survive the cold and they like the cold! Do you like the cold! Moose are really big.

Plural Nouns

What is the plural of moose?

Moose is one of the words in English that the singular and the plural are the same word.

Example sentences:

A moose was standing near the edge of the trees. (singular)

Two moose were standing near the edge of the trees. (plural)


How long is the moose migration?

Moose are roamers. They do not have a set pattern. Bulls usually follow the cows wherever they go. They can easily travel 3 miles a day, but it usually ranges from 1 mile to 4 miles, depending on what the cows are doing and the weather.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Bengal Tigers

What is a young moose called?

A young moose is called a calf == == The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)


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