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Cows and pigs

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What animal was raised for food in Jamestown?

cows and other big farm animals

What animals were raised for food in Jamestown in early 1600s?

Turtles, sturgeon (and other fish), oysters, raccons and anything they could find in the area.

What is called when Animals are raised and then are sold?

Cattle that is raised and then sold to be used as food is called beef cattle. When it comes to birds raised to be used as food the animals are called poultry.

What do you call animals raised for food?


What animals are typically raised for food in Argentina?


Is a chicken a pet?

Chickens can and have been raised as pets. However, they are usually raised as food animals.

What was food supply of Neolithic era?

they harvested crops and raised animals.

What animals did the Aztecs raise?

The Aztecs raised wild turkeys and dogs, both for food.

What animals are raised for food in Croatia?

mostly swine and chicken, but also lamb, cows...

Where did Lucille Ball raised as a child?

Jamestown, NY

What animals are raised in Alabama?

There are several animals that are raised in Alabama. Catfish, cows, horses, and pigs are all animals that are raised in Alabama.

How did the Jamestown settlers avoid starvation?

they farmed the land and dug wells for waterHunt for food (wild animals)

What animals get raised most in Midwest?

what are the 3 animals that are raised in the Midwest

What animals were in Jamestown?

My children

What animals are raised in Maine?

animals raised in Maine are moose and much more

How are animals raised in Italy?

Farm animals in Italy are raised on farms, just like in the Untied States. Domestic animals are usually raised in the home.

Why do you turn cows into meat?

Because cows (or cattle) are food animals, meant to be raised to be "turned into" meat.

What animals are raised for food in Oregon?

dogs cats birds chinookk salmon monkeys pigs gorillas

What were 3 animals that the Greeks raised?

the three animals they raised was chicken , cow, and goat

What animals were raised at Mission San Gabriel?

Cattle were the animals that mostly were raised at missions

Where was NFL commisioner Roger Goodell born and raised?

Jamestown NY

What crop helped Jamestown survive and why?

Tabacco raised a lot of money

Where did Lucille ball live when she was young?

She was raised in Jamestown, New York.

What kind of animals did Jamestown have?

The English settlers brought new animals to Jamestown. Some of these are: Pigs, chickens, cattle, horses, and goats. Thanks

Where is Campylobacter bacteria often found?

Campylobacter are often found in the intestine of animals raised for food produce and pets.

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