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Another name for mushrooms?

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Coprinus comatus

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What is another name for mushrooms?

i think its fungi

What is another name for a mushrooms?

fungithe answer abuv isn't right because fungi is the family mushrooms belong too. another name 4 a mushroom could be shroom, or mushroom in another language.

What is another name for the drug mushroom?

Shrooms, mushies, magic mushrooms, cubes (in the case of psilocybe cubensis)

Mushrooms scientific name?

I belive the scientific name for mushrooms is Agaricaceae. But im not really sure.

Why do mushrooms have spores?

To reproduce another

What phobia is the fear of mushrooms?

Mycophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of mushrooms

What are street names for psilocybin?

Street name : magic mushrooms, mushrooms, shrooms, fungus

Another name for mushroom?

you could use 'fungus' which is a class of plants that include (Edible) mushrooms and toadstools (some of which may be not edible)

Scientific name of mushrooms?


What is the common name for mushrooms?


Name four different mushrooms?

* * * *

What is a common name for mushrooms?


What is the street name for mushrooms?


What is the scientific name for mushrooms?

agaricaceae is the scientific name for mushroomsAgaricus bisporus, specifically, this mushroom is very common in the United States.

What is the name of the scene with the mushrooms in Disney's fantasia?

The mushrooms appear in the "Chinese Dance" segment of the Nutcracker Suite.

What is the name of tiny capped mushrooms?


What is exfolliation?

Its derived from the word 'liat' which is another word for mushrooms and so with exfoliation you wash your face with puréed mushrooms to open your pores

What is the Name of sauce of white wine and mushrooms?


What is the name of a decomposer?

slugs, earthworms, mushrooms, etc.

The scientific name for mushrooms?

the scientific names is Basidiomycetes

What is the Italian name for stuffed mushrooms?

funghi ripieni

What is the scientific name for wild mushrooms?

Agaricus bisporus

What is the latin name for Montagnea mushrooms?

Montagnea arenaria

What is another type of decompser?

Mushrooms, flies, and, worms are all decomposers

What kingdom is toadstool in?

Toadstools are in the kingdom of Fungi. Toadstool is another name for a certain type of mushroom. There are many different types of mushrooms, other than toadstools.