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Another word for falling?

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Plummeting or plunging.

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Another word for falling that is medical?


What is another word for falling water?


What is another word for falling action?


Another word for fell?

tripped fall falling

What is another word for falling off a cliff?

to plummet

What is another word for collapsing?

falling, dispersing, etc.

Another word for meteor that starts with f?

Falling Star

What is another word for tumbling?

Falling, crashing, flipping, rolling, etc.

Is there a word for the action of falling to your knees?

One possible word could be supplication.Another would be kneel.

Another word for dropping?

falling drop fell fall falled felled fell

Draw functional decomposition diagram with an example?

Functional is another word for workable. Decomposition is another word for falling apart. diagram is another word for drawing. I hope you can find someone who understands your question better than I have

What is another word for 'argument'?

dispute debate fight conflict quarrel squabble row falling-out

How did the leaf get its name?

Nissan is another word for spring .There is lots of leaves in the spring. Lots of Falling leaves.

What is another word for steep cliff face?

Viewed from the top it is a precipice. Nut I don't think this word is ever used when viewing from the bottom of the cliff - as there is always a connotation of 'falling' involved with the use of the word.Another word could be "scarp"

How do you spell falling?

That is the correct spelling for the word "falling" (dropping).

How many syllables are in the word falling?

There are two syllables in the word falling. Fall-ing or Fal-ling

Does the fall equinox cause brooms to stand on their own?

No. "Fall" is just another word for "autumn", it has nothing to do with the verb of falling.

What is another word for falling heavily that's like floor but take away 2 letters and ad 1?


Another example of rising and falling intonation?

Rising and falling intonation is used to convey the meaning of what a person is saying. For example, when a question is asked, the person's intonation usually rises on the last word.

How do you use word falling behind?

I was falling behind in my school work.

What is the falling action in Romeo and Juliet?

Falling action is another name for act 4.

What part of speech is the word is falling?

It can be a verb or an adjective. adjective: The falling snow is beautiful. verb: He is falling down the steps.

What is the opposite word for flying?


What is the present word for fall?


What an other word for falling?