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Another word for priceless?

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What is another word that could be used for valuable?

priceless, precious, treasure

What is priceless in Latin?

The Latin word for "priceless" is inaestimabilis.

What part of speech is the word priceless?

Priceless is an adjective.

How do you make a sentence with the word priceless?

That vase is priceless. The experiences I had in your country have been priceless.

What is another word for very expensive?

Dear, costly, pricey, valuable, extortionate, priceless.

What is the Latin translation for the word priceless?

There is no specific word for priceless, but "no price" is haud pretium.

How many syllables are in the word priceless?

The word priceless has 2 syllables, price-less.

Word priceless in Spanish?

The world 'priceless' in Spanish is ' inapreciable.

How do you use the word priceless in a sentence?

The look on her face was priceless.

Can you give me a sentence with the word priceless?

The mother's smile is priceless.This car is priceless for him, it reminds him of a lot of great memories.

What is a good sentence for the word priceless?

The expression on his face when he received the good news was priceless.

What is theword that is the opposite of the word inexpensive?


What is another way to say important?

Valuable, invaluable, priceless, valued. It's very valuable to me. This vase is invaluable! A day with you is priceless. You are valued.

How do you use the word gams in a sentence?

The gams on that dame are priceless.

Which brand got its name from a Sanskrit word which means Priceless?


What is the singular of the word antiques?

The singular of antiques is antique. As in "this antique is priceless".

What is sentence using the word bewilderment?

The look of bewilderment on his face was priceless!

Use the word oracle bone in a sentence?

The oracle bone was priceless.

How do you put the word pricess in a sentence?

If you mean priceless - The antique was so valuable it was priceless. If you mean princess - The princess married a commoner and infuriated her father the king.

Q2 Which brand got its name from a Sanskrit word which means Priceless?


What is the antonym of cheap-?

Some antonyms for the word cheap are expensive, priceless, and superior.

How do you use the word expression in a sentence?

The expression on his face was priceless. Often an idiomatic expression cannot be easily translated into another language. At his trial, his expression of regret seemed genuine.

What is the -less in the word priceless?

-less means "no", in this case. So, priceless means no price. This is similar to meaningless or senseless, although fruitless doesn't necessarily mean "no fruit"!

What is the value of an 1987 VW Scirroco?

Priceless Priceless

What is the Italian translation of 'priceless'?

Inestimabile is an Italian equivalent of the English word "priceless."Specifically, the Italian word is both the feminine and the masculine form of an adjective. There is just one form in the singular as inestimabile and one form in the plural as inestimabili. The pronunciation is "ee-NEH-stee-MAH-bee-leh" in the singular and "ee-NEH-stee-MAH-bee-lee" in the plural.

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