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Another word for solemn?

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Solemn means serious, quiet, and has a similar meaning to austere, brooding, cold, deliberate, dignified, downbeat, earnest, somber, sober, funereal, glum, grave, intense, heavy, moody, no fooling, no-nonsense, pensive, portentous, reflective, sedate, stern, thoughtful, weighty, matter of life and death, and staid.

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Is solemn a sounded consonant?

No solemn is a word. The word solemn has 4 consonants = s,l,m,n

What is the Opposite word of solemn?

The opposite of solemn is funny

Is solemn a noun or adjective?

The word 'solemn' is an adjective, a word to describe a noun. Example:It was a solemn occasion to honor the rescue workers.

What is another word for solemn?

Solemn is an adjective that means reverential and serious, as opposed to irreverent of frivolous. Other synonyms are sedate, sincere, grave, earnest, and sober.

What is the silent in solemn?

The "n" at the end of the word "solemn" is silent.

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What is a sentence with the word solemn in it?

The funeral service was very solemn and the mourners were very quiet.

How do you use the word solemn in a sentence?

I had a solemn conversation with my ICT teacher.I made a solemn promise not to share my friend's secret.We had a solemn ceremony as we buried the parakeet in the back yard.It was a solemn ceremony in honor of the war veterans. A funeral is a solemn occasion.

What is a good sentence with the word solemn in it?

Solemn means "serious", so you could say "when he told me of my friend's death, he looked very solemn".

How can you use the word solemn in a sentence involving music?

The band played a solemn song. The solemn dirge made us feel sad.

What word means solemn declaration is?

"Pronouncement" means solemn declarations as well as "Proclamation" and "Announcement".

What is a sentence using the word solemn?

Example sentence - The grandfathers funeral was quite a solemn occasion for all.

Can you write a sentences using the word solemn?

The funeral service was very solemn and the mourners were very quiet.

Which letter is silent in this word solemn?

The "n."

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What part of speech is the word Solemn?


What is the silent letter of the word solemn?

The answer is N.

How many syllables in the word solemn?


What word means a solemn promise?


What is a sentence for the word solemn?

Taylor was usually a cheerful boy, but today he looked solemn, and I wanted to know what was going on.

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