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Ants that eat fungus?

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leave cutter ants

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What do weaver ants eat?

They collect leaves in there hole and grow fungus from the leaves in which the ants eat the fungus.

Why do Leaf cutter ants eat fungus?

Because the ants need to eat

Do ants eat mushrooms?

Leafcutter ants eat fungi or fungus. They use the leafs they cut in some way to produce a fertilizer for the fungus to eat. I do not know of other ants that eat mushrooms

What do ants eat in the wild?

they eat berries and fungus

What do rainforest ants eat?

Leaf-Cutter ants are found in the rainforest. The ants do not actually eat the leaves, but the fungus that comes from the leaves.

What do leaf cutter ants do with leaves?

They take them back to an underground composting chamber in their nest where a fungus is grown of the decaying leaves.The ants eat the fungus.

What is the symbiotic relationship between Leaf-cutter Ants and Fungus?

Worker leaf cutter ants collect leaves from trees in the rainforest, thus getting their name, and bring the leaves back to their colonies. However, the ants don't eat the leaves, the leaves are instead brought to an area in the ant hill where gardener ants feed the leaves to fungus growing there. When the fungus is big enough, the ants then eat the fungus. -I hope this answers all your questions :)

Is a leaf cutter ant a herbivore?

Yes. The ants cultivate a fungus on leaf sections. The ant larvae eat the fungus, and adult ants feed on leaf sap.

What do the leafcutter ants eat?

When they bring back the leafves they lick them clean and then put it in a special chamber where it grows into fungus. They eat fungus for food and antibiotics.

What do trap jaw ants eat?

Trap jaw ants typically eat different types of fungus. However, they also will eat different types of leaves and vegetation.

Do some mushrooms eat ants?

There is a fungus in the Amazon rain forest that infects ants and kills them. Its mushrooms grow from the carcass of the victim.

What fungus do leafcutter ants eat?

A basidiomycete is the type of fungus that leafcutter ants eat.Specifically, the leaf-chewing ants in question (Acromyrmex and Atta spp) feed upon colonies of basidiomycetes in the fungal family Agaricaceae. But the fungus functions as food only for the ants in their larval stage. Leafcutter adults rely upon sap from the vegetation whose fresh flowery, grassy and leafy parts they remove.

Do ants eat leafs?

Leaf cutting ants in fact do not eat leaves. Rather they cut them up and use them to cultivate a symbiotic fungus that in turn provides them with food.

What kind of ants eat grass?

none, but there is a type of ant which eats the fungus that grows on leves called the leaf cutter ant. they cut the leaves, drag them to a colony, do some stuff to it and grows fungus on it. they eat that fungus.

Do leaf cutter ants eat leaves Why or why not?

They don't actually eat the leaves - because they cannot digest the cellulose. Instead - they take the pieces of leaf back to their 'nest' - and use them to grow fungus on them. They then eat the fungus.

What do leopards eat that eat ants?

Leopards are carnivores so eat meat. The type of prey depends on where the leopards are residing. However ants will eat almost any type of food provided it can be broken down easily or is very sweet. However often ants eat fungus (The fungus is fed by the ants on rotting material such as plant matter) or nectar (collected from wasp colonies or plants) rather than more conventional food sources. However ants like flies will consume rotten meat so will often get the leftovers of what the leopard had for a meal.

do leaf cutter ants save the leaves to eat later in the day?

No. They take the leaf cuttings back to the mound to feed a fungus that they then eat.

What do leaf cutter ants eat?

Most people think that Leaf-Cutter Ants eat, well, LEAVES, but, that is wrong. As their name suggests, they DO cut leaves, but when they get to the colony, they grind the leaves to a pulp and use it as a natural fertilizer for the FUNGUS that they eat.

Is an ant a fungi?

Ants are insects, not a fungus.

Why are there ants?

Ants evolved many millions of years ago. In fact, the first ant fossils are from the late Cretaceous (by the end of the Dinosaur era), some 65 million years ago. Ants provide many benefits to the ecosystem. Many ants are scavengers, or omnivores. That means that they can eat many types of food, such as dead or live insects, nectar from plants, or honeydew, which are little sugary droplets coming out of aphids. If things were not eaten by other things they would hang around a lot longer. Other ants are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants, such as the leaf-cutter ants. Leaf cutter ants cut leaves from plants and take them to the nest. Inside the nest the leaves are chopped into smaller pieces by small ants, and put into fungus gardens. In these gardens lives a fungus that digests the leaves the ants bring into the nest. The ants then eat small "fruits", called fruiting bodies, that are produced by the fungus. The fungus can only live in ant nests, and nests cannot live without their fungus. This is called mutualism. Other ants are predators, meaning that they only hunt live insects.

What animal makes leaves into a fungus for food?


Do amazon ants bite?

For starters, there's no such a thing as an 'Amazon Ant'. I will now tell you a lot of fun facts about ants that live in the Amazon. The Amazon rain forest contains at least 1,000 species of ant, most of which have never been formally described. Army ants are nomadic ants which travel in huge swarms, eating anything unlucky enough to be in their path. They DEFINITELY bite! Leafcutter ants don't actually eat the leaves they cut, they use the leaves to fertilize fungus farms in their nests, then eat the fungus. Some ants actually capture slaves from other colonies. The combined mass of all the ants on earth is roughly equal to the combined mass of all humans on earth. Some ants in the Amazon fall victim to a fungus that turns them into zombies. The fungus controls the mind of an ant, making it climb a tree, latch onto a leaf, and stay there. Eventually, the ant dies and the fungus grows out of the ant's head to release spores and infect more unsuspecting ants. These fungi can wipe out entire colonies of ants. Most species of ants bite to some extent.

How much ants would an anteater eat if an anteater would eat ants?

Lots of Ants would an Anteater eat if Anteater would eat Ants Or An Anteater would eat as many Ants as an Anteater would eat if an Anteater would eat Ants

What fungus grows on gardens created from piles of disks that ants have cut from living leaves?

fungus gardens

What is the symbiotic relationship between ant and fungus?

The relationship between fungi and ants mostly involve the ants actively cultivating the fungus in the same way a farmer cultivates crops. The fungus, in turn, provides nutrients for the ant colony.

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