Any Star Wars games coming out on xbox 360?

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
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Are there any cheats for Xbox 360 game dead rising?

No, there are not, and this is very unfortunate.. Instead there are allot of great walkthroughs on I very much recomend the walkthrough by boffyrox he is the best. I don't really recomend a walkthrough book but you can find one on

Is 'God of War' coming to XBOX 360?

god of war is a sony entertainment product..... there are no chances that god of war will come on Xbox .....!! as sony will make its own profit not the profit of Microsoft company..... although mass effect 2, which was originally for the xbox is now coming to the ps3 in January.

Is there any rugby games out on xbox 360?

Sadly not yet. However there is an online petition full of people like us demanding EA Continue their Rugby series onto the next generation consoles. As far as i know there also isn't any of the original xbox games that can be played on the 360 either. There are rumours that this summer EA ( Full Answer )

Star Wars force unleashed wii and xbox 360?

There is a difference between the Wii and Xbox 360, a very large one... The plot for one is different only by a bit, but what you will notice the most is that the Wii and 360 have different settings for each level on the game. Along with different intros and prologues. The only advantage to Wii is u ( Full Answer )

Are there any hitman games for Xbox 360?

Yes there were 3 Hitman games released for the Xbox 360: . Hitman: Blood Money (2006) . Hitman: Absolution (2012) . Hitman HD Trilogy (2013)

What xbox 360 games come with codes?

amped 3 battlestations:midway blazing angels:squadrons of wwii blazing angels 2:secret missions of wwii cars castlevania:symphony of the night crash of the titans eragon fatal fury special fight night round 3 flatout:ultimate carnage frogger full auto guitar hero 2 guitar hero 3:legends of rock juic ( Full Answer )

Will Star Wars the old republic be for the xbox 360?

There are no plans right now to have a console release of the Star Wars MMO. I wouldn't get your hopes up on the prospect though as very few MMO's ever get released to consoles. You're just going to have to play it on the PC...

Any Good Games 4 Xbox 360?

What type of games do you like? First person shooter , RP , Third person shooter , sports?

Can you play Star Wars obi wan on the xbox 360?

Unfortunately, you can't. I've tried. I've been looking for updates and downloads for it, and so far I haven't found any. I'm going to keep looking, though; this is a very fun game.

Are there any Navy Seal games made for the xbox 360?

The closest you can get is probably Rainbow Six Vegas 1 or 2, or Call of duty 4 or modern warfare 2. other than that the best navy seal game are the SOCOM games, which are only available for the PS2 and PS3 systems.

What new games are coming out for Xbox 360?

The most popular upcoming game releases are: . Borderlands 2 (September 18th, 2012) . Call of Duty: Black Ops II (November 13th, 2012) . Assassins Creed III (October 30th, 2012) . Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013) . Resident Evil 6 (October 2nd, 2012) . Hitman: Absolution (Novembe ( Full Answer )

Is star wars Revenge of the Sith game for xbox 360?

Well the game was released for the first Xbox at that time. But if Xbox 360 can play games that were intended for the first Xbox, then I think you'd be able to play it. (Can't be 100% positive since I don't own an Xbox 360)

Is there any truck driving game for xbox 360?

well there is the wheels of steel bunch of games i know they came out with a new one recently, soo just google wheels of steel xbox 360 and see what there is im sure there is one.

Is there any pokemon games for xbox 360?

Nintendo (makers of pokemon) are rivals of Microsoft (xbox's maker), so due to their licences (who owns what) there is no way there would be a joint game, unless one buys the other out. So in conclusion, no. No there is not.

Can the game Star Wars the rebublic commandos work on the xbox 360?

The game was designed for the Xbox and not the Xbox 360. While it may be backward compatible and is on a list of games that are it will be difficult to find a match on Xbox live see related link and Xbox 360 backward-compatible games list

Are there any good cop video games for XBOX 360?

Well I asked this question myself a while ago.After that I checked websites and looked at 12 different forums about cop games and watched videos and did a lot of stuff to find out,are there any good cop video games out there.Well I found a couple answers I found the game SWAT but you a swat officer ( Full Answer )

What Star Wars Lego games are there for xbox 360?

There have been 3 releases of the Lego Star Wars genre on the Xbox 360; they are Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and the newest release of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Are the any Short Track Racing games for xbox 360?

I have an xox 360 and the only short track game Ive found for it is is World of Outlaws racing, and its only "ok" - I have far more good short track/dirt racing games for my old ps2, and theyre old now, so theyre super cheap, both at game stop/eb game type stores and on ebay, etc... If you dont have ( Full Answer )

How can you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Xbox 360?

Well first of all you have to have Star Wars Battlefront2 for the origional Xbox and you have to have an xbox 360 with a hard drive of 60 or more Gigs and then it will play on your Xbox 360 console and other rigional xbox games will also play on your xbox 360 console when you have a 60 or more gig h ( Full Answer )

How do you use the force in xbox 360 star wars 3?

Press and hold X when targeting an object that is possible to use the force on. If you have a blue lightsaber, an object that you can force will have a glowing ring of blue around it. This is the same for all loghtsaber colors. Hope this helps!