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The fact that it's for Easter suggests the best ones of all. Have them color and then decorate (previously hardboiled) eggs.

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What are some easy crafts for kids?

There are several websites online that will give you arts and crafts ideas to keep you occupied with your kids. You can teach them step by step after reading.

Where can I find easy crafts for kids tutorials online?

There are many websites that offer tutorials on crafts for kids. You can visit Crafts for Kids to look through their list of hundreds of classic craft ideas. They give you step by step instructions in their tutorials making their crafts easy to learn! Danielle's Place will give you tones of craft options to make. They sort their categories by animals, holidays, dinosours, and more. Their site has enough tutorials to keep your kids crafting for a long, long time.

Where can I find cool ideas for easy crafts for kids?

Browse through for cute and easy kid's crafts. They have many great ideas that are cheap and use basic supplies (such as cardboard tubes, construction paper, and magazines).

Where can I find some easy crafts for kids?

Parent's magazine has a website that provides plenty of easy craft ideas for kids. is another site which has interesting and original ideas for fun and easy children's craft projects.

Specifically What are some easy activities for kids during a holiday get together?

Some fun and easy activities for the kids during a holiday get together are holiday themed arts and crafts Nd games.

Is there a website with some easy craft ideas for kids?

Disney's site called "Family Fun" has a section devoted exclusively to arts and crafts for kids. The site gives advice on many different projects. It can be found at

Where can one find easy crafts for kids?

You can make many easy crafts for kids with materials from around the home. One easy craft is a homemade maraca using disposable cups, dry rice, and paint. The child can fill one of the cups up with rice, glue the two cups together at their openings, and paint the outside for their own homemade maraca.

What is the best website that has great ideas for easy Mother's Day crafts? Mothers Day Central gives 151 mothers day craft ideas. I like this site because it shows not only kids crafts, but crafts that adults can do as well.

What are Klutz crafts and how are they different?

Klutz Crafts are for kids and great way to have a project day with your child. They are fun and easy to use and I recommend them to anyone. I feel as though they are great for anyone not just kids. But it will also depend on what kind of craft you are making if these are good for you.

What are some fun Christmas crafts to do with kids?

There are many fun Christmas crafts to do with kids. Examples of fun Christmas crafts to do with kids include paper plate Santa ornaments and marshmallow snowmen decorations.

What type of crafts do the 'Halloween Crafts for Kids Activity Village' include?

The 'Halloween Crafts for Kids Activity Village' include different types of crafts for holidays or seasons. They include coloring pages, printables, puzzles, and Halloween crafts.

What are some at school crafts?

School Crafts is quite a broad category for crafts. Essentially any craft that has an educational value can be considered a School Craft. I found Science Crafts for Kids to be related to what you are looking for. There are also Bible Crafts for Kids that are very educational but deal with learning the Bible. Then again for some general Crafts for Kids you can apply any sort of lesson to them so they can be educational.

Whats a good website for arts and crafts?

There are many online. Some have hundreds of free crafts for kids, printable kids crafts and bible crafts for kids. On some sites, you can create everything on the site with items already in your home. For examples, see the links listed under Sources and Related Links.

What websites have good Christmas crafts?

Have you tried There's all kind of awesome projects - from religious crafts to crafts for kids!

Do kids have school on Easter?

No Easter is always on a Sunday.

What is a good website for kids crafts?

Why is Easter fun for kids?

Because of the easter bunny and chocolates

What are some easy mothers day crafts I can do with my kids?

You can make paper chain angels, make spaghetti necklaces or bracelets, or paint bird houses together.

What are some fun Kids halloween crafts?

If you are looking information on what are some fun kids Halloween crafts, the best site to find this answer is on

What does an Easter bunny got to do with Easter?

its the bunny of easter

What are some easy crafts for kids to do for Christmas?

Crafting a Christmas tree from paper is a very good craft idea but for other kids crafting presents for each other is also entertaining for them and this craft will be cheap but fulfilling.

What are some unique kids Christmas crafts?

There are many unique kids Christmas crafts. Some Christmas crafts include 'Ping Cone Reindeer', 'Candy Cane Sleigh', 'Ping Cone Christmas Tree' and 'Christmas Candles'.

What has the author Kim Sullivan Fiano written?

Kim Sullivan Fiano has written: 'High adventure crafts for kids' -- subject(s): Hot air balloons in art, Handicraft, Bible crafts 'Discovery Lab Crafts for Kids'

How do most people celebrate Easter's and when?

Each country celebrates Easter in a different way. Easter is most countries is celebrated on the same date (April 24, 2011). On Easter people go to church and have parties and stuff like that. Also kids find eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.

Who invented putting out Easter baskets and the Easter bunny for kids?