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Diet pills are not a long term solution. While it's true that the FDA recently approved Alli for weight loss, no pill is a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you do lose weight using a pill, you'll have to maintain your caloric intake and expenditure for LIFE, which involves remaining on a pill forever, or adopting a lifestyle of a healthy diet and regular exercise. There's no "easy" weight-loss solution.

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Q: Any good diet pill suggestions such as Diet fuel Hydroxycut or Xenedrine?
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Is diet pills like hydroxycut can delay menstruation period?

Yes for a week or more.

Can hydroxycut max for women diet pill change your menstrual cycle?

I don't have an answer but I have the same question.

Where are some of the places that one can find a carb free diet?

Carb free diet is also known as Atkins diet. To find a carb free diet plan try "Authority Nutrition", for information. There are some good suggestions.

Are there any websites that can help me find oatmeal diet?

The proposed benefits of an oatmeal diet include reduced cholesterol, weight loss, and cancer risk reduction. The is no official website for this diet but sits such as E-how have great suggestions on ways to follow this diet.

What are good supplements to take while dieting?

Some good diet supplements to take while dieting are Hydroxycut, Orovo, Xenadrine, and Dexatrim. All of these diet supplements are very well known and can easily be found at GNC.

What are the results of the sugar buster diet?

The sugar buster diet is a diet in which you don't need to count calories, just eat the healthy foods which it lists, and avoid large food-portions and certain high-sugar foods. See also:Dan Galilee's diet suggestions

Are there any websites that can help me find cholesterol diet plan?

There are several Web sites that offer advice regarding cholesterol diet plans. One of which is:, which has advice from the American Heart Association and offers suggestions on diet plans and what to do and what not to do.

Where can I find out more about diets for weight loss?

Health and diet vary by the individual, so speaking with your physician is the first step. offers many diet choices. also has weight loss diet suggestions.

Can you take Adderall and hydroxycut?

Diet pills are substances which enhance your fat loss goals but not provide you your fat loss goals. They increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite and stuffs like that. So if you stay strict on your diet you can do 90% great and for the 10% extra edge rely on fat burners. Hydroxycut is a real good product in fat burner pill section

Is it ok to take 2 mg lorazepam with Hydroxycut diet pill?

I was looking for the same information, so its to late for me i cant find any info on taking ativan with hydroxycut, i already did. So ill let you know how it works out for me....:)

What has the author Serafino Amoroso written?

Serafino Amoroso has written: 'Suggestions for Improving Your Diet'

Are there any websites that can help me find stress eater diet?

The following websites focus on finding solutions for stress eating. They feature book suggestions, recipes, tips, and more!

Does hydroxycut really work?

Yes, the fat burner called Hydroxycut really does work. However, it will only work when paired with a proper diet and frequent exercise.Studies have been done to test the main ingredients in Hydroxycut to see if they really work. Numerous studies have shown that these ingredients do lead to weight loss.

Find Diet Recipes Online?

There are many recipe options out there for all sorts of diet restraints. Consider searching online to find diet recipes that conform to the requirements of your specific diet. You'll probably find websites and message boards full of people on the same diet willing to share recipe ideas and suggestions with everyone. A good selection of diet recipes can help you get through even the most difficult diet by giving you a set of options that will expand your eating choices. Boredom during a diet often leads to cheating, so search for recipes that will keep your diet interesting.

What are some suggestions for prepared diet meals?

This website should tell you about healthy diet meals and the unhealthy stuff you want to avoid.

What are some different types of diets?

To name a few:Atkins dietcabbage soup dietCambridge dietdiary-free dietdetox dietDiet Smart PlanDASH dietFit for Life dietfood combining dietF-Plan dietgluten-free dietGI dietGraham dietHollywood (or grapefruit) diethacker's diethalleluja dietlow-protein dietmacrobiotic dietMaster Cleanse dietMediterranean dietMontignac dietno-grain dietOkinawa dietOrnish dietPalaeolithic dietPerricone Weight-Loss dietPritikin dietraw food dietrice dietRosemary Conley dietScarsdale Medical dietsex dietSlimming World dietSouth Beach dietSubway dietWeight Watchers

Are there sugar restrictions included on a diabetic diet sheet?

Diabetes Diet information sheets are useful for diabetics. A diabetes diet sheet outlines suggestions on food choices, preparation, meal scheduling, and portion control for diabetics and yes, it does include sugar restrictions as well.

Is there a diet available that caters to patients of fibromyalgia?

WebMD is full of many suggestions for diets. They have an area for foods to avoid if you have fibromyalgia. also has diet plans that you may be able to cater to your needs.

How Does The Skinny Diet Work?

The skinny diet is a real diet it is a vegan diet. The skinny diet is a very healthy diet to try and if you are looking to cut out meats then this would be the diet for you.

Why do you have a diet?

That depends on what type of diet you mean. There are many types of diet. Some diets treat a disease or condition. Other diets are for optimum health. Others diets are for weight loss or weight gain. For example, there is a diabetic diet, diverticulitis diet, irritable bowel diet, Crohn's disease diet, acne diet, autistic diet, epilepsy diet, low carb diet, weight maintainer diet, weight gain diet, anti-Candida diet, food allergy/intolerance rotation diet, elimination diet, hypertension diet, cardiovascular disease diet, kidney disease diet, etc. .

What are the most important components of a diabetic diet plan?

The most important components of a diabetic diet plan involve keeping your blood sugar under control through diet and exercise. It is important to eat a variety of healthy foods and to eat at regular intervals to keep sugar levels stable. The Mayo Clinic has many suggestions for diet plans

Does the Biggest Loser offer a free diet plan?

The Biggest loser doesn't offer a free diet plan but you can get the first week free. If you do simple search with google you can find many free articles that outline with the Biggest loser diet plan and give meal suggestions.

Where online can I find some free diets?

There are many ways to get free diet suggestions, recipes, and support. You can get them by asking friends or looking at online forums. Places such as Discovery Health, TLC, Oxygen, and Hallmark all have health sections on their websites that help by offering free diet suggestions.

Where can I find out more about family fit diet?

After doing some research on this topic, the best information tha I have found has been from every diet at They have some gret tips for a family interested in getting fit, and even suggestions on healthy foods that the family can eat. Thi is the site thatI would recommend.

Where do I need to go to find out more about diet and health?

Diet and health are great issues to discuss with your doctor. Your family physician will be able to evaluate what you are currently doing, and make suggestions to improve your overall health.