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Silent Hill Downpour or Silent Hill HomeComing Dead Space is also scary.

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Slender games are games including or based on the horror adventure game Slenderman, where you collect notes while avoiding Slenderman. The slender games are all variations of this concept, usually with the same character(slenderman)

Parsec Productions are the creators of the indie horror game Slender,featuring the creepypasta mytho creature himself Slender Man. They have also made several other games as well,and are run by AgentParsec.

the music gives you suspense and in horror games like Slender *shivers* it helps you sometimes if Slender-Man is coming close *shivers again* it also gives you some entertainment while you play =^.^=

Penumbra, Anna(indie game), and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Well... depends on your personality! If you like horror, play Slender (free) or Amnesia TDD (10.00). If survival or creative, try Mine Craft (26.00). If you like wolves or lions, try Feral Heart (free). Feral Heart registrations open at random times! If you like simulation games, try The Sims 3! Again, it ALL depends on your personality! All the games except Feral Heart don't require internet to play but you need internet to sign up for Mine Craft and Feral Heart! Mine Craft is single and multiplayer!

yes cosole games arent flash. they are games played on the tv. and for the tv you can buy CD_ROM games that arent flash, plus there are handheld console games and games on iTunes which can be played on the iphone/ipod touch/or iPad

No. Slender is virus-free. A lot of games built with Unity 3D typically are clear of malicious code and are safe.

he done it because his kids LOVE horror games! (and mysterys)

games arent good for you so dont get addicted I dont know wich video games or board games

no not if someone else buys it or you buy it yourself the ratings are to tell about the content so 5 year olds arent playing M games and 22 year olds arent playing E games

Critically best horror games would be games from the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchise (although Resident Evil 5 isn't really horror), but Dead Space and Fatal Frame are good too.

Only you tube and other games that will take forever to find

No, at least in the first two books there arent any.

No it is an adventure/fantasy/romance novel.

Yes, there are lots that arent on the PSP.

Because sometimes the developers of games decide to keep cheats out of their games to challenge players more.

Because they are in good condition? Did you mean to ask "Why aren't my Nintendo 64 games working?"

Yes. In all the games, you play as the original. Shadow just suffers from amnesia.

Only in fictional books, horror films and video games.

You cannot. The sytems arent even the same platform. The files (games) are encoded to be read by an ipod not computer

They shouldnt because people arent forced to watch violent video games. That us all.

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