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If the whistling noise is coming from under the hood its your belt, that's what's wrong with my Sequoia. If its not coming from under the hood its probably a crack in the seem of your window.


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A safety whistle works as follows:You blow it, making a loud, shrill noise.People hear the noise and know you need help

An arrow...that makes a whistle noise when shot.

In 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band,' there was a whistle then a clanging noise, and they were caused by the whistle that Dr Roylott used and the closing of his safe door.

Air travels through the whistle rubbing against the sides of the whistle than being forced out of the smaller opening at the front. The friction of air against the sides of the whistle is what makes the noise.

It can, but not always. In fact it can be defective and make no noise at all.

A word that starts with "d" and means a loud noise is din.

A very low growling noise that sounds like a wind whistle. When it makes that noise, Its angry.

you would use it as any other whistle, just blow into it. however, it does not make any noise to us, but dogs can hear it

You might have a belt loose, which is more of a squeaking noise than a whistle. If it's a very clear whistling noise, there is something wrong with your brakes. The shoes may be rubbing, the pads may be worn down. I'd get it checked out.

My experience is when you flush the toilet, the fill valve opens and starts re filling the tank......sometimes if the water pressure is too high, it will "whistle". Close your fill valve until it stops whistling.....usually this slight adjustment will stop it from making that annoying noise

Dog owners use a whistle that they can't hear so that the dog hears the whistle but other people don't. It is also a very high pitched noise!

Lets just say dogs like any noise.

I would check the serpentine belt and pulleys

If you attempt to start your car and a 'whistle' noise is likely the Bendix on the starter spinning, spinning very fast because it has not come out of the it's housing and meshed with the flywheel gears. "Bendix" is a brand name for the starter drive.

All of this except the noise indicates cockatiel. They are somewhat trainable, and not very big, but, like all parrots, they are noisy. They get pretty high pitched and like to whistle and make a lot of noise.

Pandemonium is a synonym for noise. It means wild disorder and utter chaos.

I use to have this problem, Most of the time the noise that make it sound like a whistle or Turbo noise. Its the seals are leaking its ether header or Manafold. Get a new gasket for ether of those. Use a Brake Spray to test it out!

there are quite a few wheel bearing problems on these and sometimes differentials front and rear

The noise shows that your attic is not well insulated. You need to get extra covering so the wind can not whistle through the gaps and make noises.

The whistling noise is caused by a restriction in the flow of water that is under pressure. Some faucets that are close to needing rebuilding will whistle as the water is shut off as there is a small leakage occurring.

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The most likely cause of the whistling noise is loose or worn weather stripping around the door. If this is the case, the sound heard is the wind.

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