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There are many places that offer a database of scholarships. All you need to do is sign up and answer a few questions in order to find scholarships that match your qualifications.

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The following site has lists of available scholarships. You should be able to find one that suits your needs.

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Q: Any lists of scholarships available for college students?
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Where can I find information about scholarships for undergraduate students? is the U.S. government site that is dedicated to helping students find ways to afford college tuition. also lists many scholarships you can apply for. Don't forget to check your local newspaper and your guidance counselor or career center's office for scholarships available only in your area.

Are there scholarships for Wiccan students?

Yes, there are scholarships for wiccan students. If you do a google search, you are sure to find lists, such as on There aren't very many, but they are out there.

Where can I find more information on federal grants for college?

There are many grants available to students. One site- - has lists of scholarships, grants and fellowships and internships. The requirements for each are also listed. The government site- is also full of different offers and grants available for you.

Are scholorships offered to Pakistani students?

I believe I have seen a number of scholarships for Pakistans and other developing countries in South Asia. You just need to know where to find them. You can check out a website that lists scholarships available for developing countries including Pakistan: - International Scholarships for Developing Countries

Where online can I find a list of medical scholarships available to Latino's?

Two great places to look for scholarships for your education are and Both sites will have lists of scholarships that you are eligible for.

Start In High School?

One of the best ways to find a scholarship for a college freshman is by starting in high school. Counselors have lists of scholarships that students can apply for. They can tell the student what information they will need to submit and the grades that they will need if they want to get accepted to the college.

Saving Money with College Scholarships?

College scholarships are offered by a variety of civic organizations, charities and businesses and are a great way to save money on a college education. In addition to private scholarships, most colleges and universities also have scholarship endowments that award money to students each year. The best thing about college scholarships is the money is a gift to the student and need not be repaid. Scholarships fall into two basic categories; academic and nonacademic. Academic scholarships are based on grades and academic achievement alone. Qualifications to apply are usually a certain grade point average or standardized test score. Sometimes an essay or test will be required as part of the application process. Some private organizations may offer academic scholarships, but most are awarded through a college or university. Often an applicant can fill out one application and be considered for a number of academic scholarships administered by the school. Nonacademic scholarships are awarded based on a number of factors. Many times, financial need is a consideration. Some organizations offer scholarships to a limited pool of applicants such as certain minority groups, or students who are enrolled in a specific course of study. Religious denominations sometimes make scholarships available to their members. Other scholarships are available to people who reside in a specific community or who work for a specific employer or industry. There are scholarships that honor those who have achieved a special award, such as Eagle Scout, and those who have served in the armed forces. Athletic scholarships are awarded by colleges and universities to students who excel at a particular sport. One good source for information about college scholarships is a high school guidance counselor. Most colleges and universities also have an employee or department to contact regarding scholarship information. Scholarship lists and requirements can also be found on numerous internet sites and in printed books available at bookstores and libraries.

Where can I find a national list of scholarships available for black women?

One of the best resources to find scholarships for black women would be This site lists numerous scholarships available for black men and women including the websites for the scholarships. Another resource is which is another scholarship database but this one allows you to search for multiple criteria to narrow down scholarship choices. Finally, make sure to fill out the FAFSA and to check with the financial aid office at your school as they may have options that are only available to that school's students.

Where can a student find a list of school grants to apply to?

Several websites offer lists of school grants for students. Examples include College Scholarships and Grants Alert. They can also be found through the U.S. Department of Education's website.

Key Tips to Finding College Scholarships?

Unless a student comes from an independently wealthy family, applying for college scholarships is usually necessary in order to be able to afford not only tuition fees but also such incidentals as books and supplies while pursuing a degree. There are several ways to search for the right college scholarships in order to obtain financial aid to cover the cost of attending a college, university, community college or trade/technical school. Students who are still in high school should talk to their guidance counselor for recommendations on the best places to apply for college scholarships based on their career interests and goals. Found out if any unions or fraternal organizations that family members or friends belong to offer college scholarships such as the Rotary Club or Lions International. Some religious organizations such as synagogues and churches offer college scholarships to their members and although these may be rather modest, they can often be applied to such incidental expenses as textbooks, which can often run into the hundreds of dollars each semester. Search the Internet for free scholarship services, websites that allow you to explore just what college scholarships are available for the coming school year, with information about requirements and that all important requirement, the deadline date for application. Look up College Scholarships, College Financial Aid or College Financial Aid on Internet search engines. But be careful not to release confidential information to any website that has not been verified and do not pay for scholarship information. There is enough free information available about financial aid resources that students shouldn’t waste their money paying for supposed lists. When a student applies to a particular college or university, ask the admissions officers what sort of college scholarships are made available to students. Some scholarships go unawarded because they have specific requirements that might just be well suited to your individual situation and goals. Students should apply for several college scholarships and not just the one that is most appealing or offers the largest award, recognizing that competition for this kind of financial assistance is increasing every year. Sometimes several college scholarships can be accepted and the total amount combined toward the fees owed for the college year or semester. College scholarship applications should be filled out carefully and completely in order to be considered. And be aware of the deadline by which the application must reach the scholarship office in order to be considered for a financial award. A late postmark just may mean lost money.

Where can I find scholarships that are designated for single mothers?

There are a variety of scholarships for single mothers, some of which can be found here: The U.S. Dept of Education also has a comprehensive database of scholarships which lists some aid for single mothers here: also has a database of scholarships that can be searched for specific single mother scholarships.

Minority Students Offered Major Scholarships?

Minority students are well-positioned to take advantage of scholarship opportunities. Many companies, individuals, universities and professional groups offer scholarships to minority students to increase the number of college-educated minority professionals and to offer financial help to deserving students who might not be able to afford college. If you are a minority student, knowing where to find these scholarships is the first step toward fulfilling your academic potential. • The Ron Brown Scholar Program ( offers 20 $10,000 scholarships, paid over 4 years to academically talented and highly motivated African American students planning to pursue full-time undergraduate degrees. • The United Negro College Fund Scholarships website ( lists hundreds of scholarships and paid internships from corporate sponsors. • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) ( offers the Agnes Jones Jackson, Earl G. Graves, Lillian and Samuel Sutton, Louis Stokes, Roy Wilkins and Hubertus W. V. Willems scholarships. Visit the website for eligibility requirements. • The Herbert Lehman Education Fund (www.naacpldf/scholarships/h_l_lehman.html) offers $2,000 awards, renewable up to 4 years, for African-American students planning to attend a 4-year college or university and pursue an undergraduate or law degree. • The National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students ( offers $2,500 National Achievement scholarships, corporate-sponsored scholarships and college-sponsored scholarships. There are over 700 scholarships available, which are awarded to students based on PSAT scores earned during their junior year of high school. • The National Urban League ( administers the following scholarship programs, which are awarded to deserving African American students: Jerry Barton Scholarship Fund; Reginald K. Brack Jr. NULITES Scholarship; National Achievers Scholars Awards; NUL/CNBC Scholars Award; Gillette/NUL Scholarship for Minority Students; and, the University of Rochester/Urban League Scholarship. See the NUL website for details and eligibility requirements for each of these scholarships. In addition these opportunities, there are many grants and scholarships available to minority students through specific universities and colleges throughout the United States. In addition to the scholarships for undergraduate degrees, there are many grants, scholarships and fellowships for advanced degrees, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral work. A lack of money should not be an obstacle to higher education for any motivated minority student.