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A link to their site through the Better Business Bureau is in related links.

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Q: Any reviews on above ground Splash pools?
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What are some of the benefits of swimming pools in ground as opposed to the other swimming pools?

In ground swimming pools are usually bigger than above ground pools. Although rather more expensive, in ground pools will last longer than above ground pools.

How deep are above ground pools?

up to six feet with a dish style bottom on round above ground pools.

Why are pool heaters designated for in ground pools or above ground pools?

mainly because they are rated on BTU size...

Backfill for above ground pool?

Backfilling around above ground pools is not necessary or recommended.

Are in-ground or above-ground pools better?

Above ground pools are cheaper to install. They offer an easy safety feature which is taking the ladder away while the pool is not in use. In ground pools offer a deeper pool that you can do laps and exercise more freely.

What are other choices if you are not able to get financed for a fiberglass pool?

there are aluminum pools, steel pools if they are above ground and they also have cement in ground pools that they build in your yard.

What is better a Sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

Is a sand filter system or a saltwater filter system for above ground pools?

Does Above ground pool fenced?

Where pool fencing laws apply both in-ground and above ground pools are expected to be fenced.

How many above ground pools are in the US?

Nobody can completely answer this.

Are GSM above ground pools worth the price?


Where can I get replacement seats for an above ground pool?

Google the brand name of your pool. Or google above ground pools.

How many private pools are in the US?

There are about 4 3/4 million in-ground Pools and 3 3/4 Million above-ground

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