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Any tips for Catching Mesprit?


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September 12, 2011 2:11PM

Go to towns/cities with more than two routes to go to, Mesprit usually gets stuck on these.

Use max repels, and put Pokemon in the front of your party with a LOWER level than Mesprit but a HIGHER level than Pokemon found in that route, this will help you ONLY to find Mesprit when it is present.

And the no.1 tip... if you have masterballs to transfer over from ruby/saph/emerald/ruby/sapphire, you can use them to catch Mesprit the instant you see it. Otherwise, Paralyze to prevent running, or use a Wobuffet with Shadow Tag, or a hasty/fast Pokemon with Mean Look to keep it still. False Swipe is an awesome move to use, leaving the Pokemon with a minimum of 1 HP and rendering them easily catchable to Ultra Balls. If mesprit somehow gets away on 1 HP, re-find it and throw quick-balls at it. I almost caught Mesprit on full HP with a quickball myself, so dumping it on really low HP, then re-encountering it may be an almost sure-fire way of catching it.