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Don't be cheesy or use bad pick-up lines. A BIG no no in my book. Don't be cheesy or use bad pick-up lines. A BIG no no in my book.

2007-11-06 01:53:40
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How do you impress a girl who is angry with you?

If you want to impress a girl who is angry with you:Find out why she is upset with youStop saying/acting in a way that upsets herBe sweet to her no matter what she may say or doGenuinely flatter herGet to know her better, find out her likes and her dislikesThese are some simple tips that can go a long way. Good luck!

How much money does a tourguide earn?

Depends how good he/she is, and whether he/she can impress the tourists enough to get good tips. My daughter used to get good tips.

What some tips to tell a girl that you like her?

There are many tips one can learn on how to tell a girl that she is liked. First off, be friendly and engage in conversation. Once she is comfortable, then she can be told that she is liked.

Would you provide Tips to impress gal on phone?

First tell her u just got done doin squat thrust to get the deep burn in your sweet thighs.

Tips for talking to a girl?

* * * *

Tips for impress the girl?

You need to have this talent, the thing that you are really good at and take her to that place and show her your skills. I had been watching this video that people recommended to me and it really works! It will surely help you dude!

What would be a good reason to meet Justin Bieber?

A good reason to meet Justin Bieber would be to get some celebrity tips on singing. I sing and it would be wonderful if he could give me some tips.

Is there a website to show me how to ask someone out?

Their are tons of websites out their that help someone out that is trying to prepare to make a huge impression on a pretty girl. Try dating sites with tips when trying to meet up.

What are safety tips for sandstorms?

kill the big girl

Where to meet women?

You can meet women virtually anywhere. Think of the types of women you want to meet first. I've had tremendous success both on and offline. It's how you approach and manage the interaction that counts! You are welcome to check out the latest cutting edge dating tips for guys at my blog:

What are the best tips to make a girl like you?

here are some tips to get a girl to like you: make eye contact, make a conversation, be nice, and just be yourself. hope this helps. :)

What are some tips for making friends with Pierre in The Sims?

just meet them and talk to them alot

Tips on shifting a girl?

Drown her with slobber and hoover her lips!!

Who is the girl that gives you tips in tna impact?

Christy Hemme

Tips for first date?

are you the boy taking the girl on the date? if so, maybe take her to the cinema and buy her ticket. just be yourself, if your the girl go with the flow and be grateful, but don't except him to pay for everything.

If you love someone and do not know if she loves you back what do you do?

since you said she im assuming its a girl. im a girl so ill give you some tips 1) she will get kinda close to you when you stop talking 2) she will run to talk to you 3) she will always love you for who you are so dont try to impress her. the bad boy crap makes her feel cautious around you.

Some tips coaching youth softball?

keep a high profile. and make sure the girls just dont play it to impress boys as they should be commited to it.

Good tips to impress a girl?

be confident about what you do. pay attention to what she likes/craves/ does buy/make/spend time with her during fav activities. make her feel wanted and cared for. most importantly is to be yourself, and do it grandly with lots of confidence. and don't fart around them. They think it's "icky"!

Im a little nervous when it comes to getting a girl any tips?

yes here is one of the most important tips BE YOURSELF!!!!

How do you get a girl to fall for you?

Well you have to impress her. (but dont be mean rude or cheesy) Here are some tips........ 1) Dress nice and clean up. 2) Get to know her. 3) Compliment her ( " You look nice"...... "I like those shoes"......"You smell nice") 4) Talk to her daily and end meet with hug. 5) DONT tell her you like her..........ASK HER OUT!!!!!! (do you want to hang out?.........Want to go bowling?) 6) Always be nice........ never too rude ( a little rudeness shows you aren't insecure) GOOD LUCK Your rule number 3 "You smell nice" why you sniffen them and number 4 end meet with hug why are you hug your girl so much???

What does it mean if the girl asked a guy for his number on facebook in a very long message and they do have long flirty conversations but the girl always has to text first and is there any tips?

this is an addition from the top but im wondering if i should keep texting him first or wait for him to text me.. and how long do i wait?

Tips on how to make a little girl beautiful?

Powder but not make-up

How many servings of rib tips per person?

The normal serving of rib tips per person is normally 4 because they do not contain much meet. If the rib tips are on the small side, then 6 may be a better serving.

Is dating online a safe way to meet new people?

Dating online can be a great way to meet new people. Online dating websites offer safety tips to make sure you do not endanger yourself. You can find these tips on your dating website or at

Tips for a high school Libra guy having a crush on a Pisces girl?

Some tips for a high school Libra guy having a crush on a Pisces girl includes smiling at her. Ask her about her herself and what she likes to do.